Reconstruction of heavy roller of the hottest J220

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300 rigid polyurethane foam for building thermal insulation

j2205 offset press is reformed once. When J2205 offset press is used to machine print prints with a large area of background color according to different needs, the background color selected by the tester is placed in the second color group. Due to the poor performance of the paper, there is a phenomenon that the paper cannot be taken out of its mouth. At the same time, the second color deck also makes an abnormal sound. Therefore, the machine stopped for inspection and removed the No. 70 and No. 80 plate rollers. It was found that the recycling rate of waste plastics in China was not high at present. A heavy roller fell on the main ink leveling roller below. This was caused by the dry paper sticking to the blanket of the second color group. After passing through the printing plate, it jumped onto the ink leveling roller, so the paper squeezed out a plastic heavy roller in the lower ink leveling group, fell on the main ink leveling roller, and rubbed off a piece of plastic skin of the main ink leveling roller. Through careful observation after repair, it was found that there was no locking screw on the heavy roller, resulting in the above consequences. Therefore, a locking screw is added on both sides of the roll seat where the heavy roll is installed to prevent the heavy roll from popping out. After refitting, the over weight roll ejection accident never occurred again. The author suggests that each part of the equipment should be carefully checked for locking screws to prevent similar problems

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