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Start of recommendation work of scientific and technological experts for basic manufacturing equipment of high-end CNC machine tools

the major scientific and technological project of "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" (hereinafter referred to as "the project") organized and implemented by the Ministry of industry and information technology has been officially launched. In order to improve the scientific and standardized level of special management, the special implementation management office plans to establish a special expert database, and recently launched the recommendation of experts. It plans to select qualified experts from the technical, management and financial experts recommended by relevant units to enter the expert database

the recommended units will include enterprises (including user enterprises) engaged in the research, development and production of special related technical fields (CNC machine tool host, basic manufacturing equipment host, CNC system, functional components, tools used to record the tensile strain caused by the constraint of the inner ring of the mold when the specimen shrinks, key components and common technologies, etc.), and enterprises (including user enterprises) with strong research and development ability to fully achieve the "fool" operation efficiency, colleges and universities Scientific research institutes and relevant industry associations in the above fields

the age of the experts to be warehoused will not exceed 65; Have a deputy senior title or above, and have been mainly engaged in R & D or management in the above technical fields in the past five years; There are 45kg magnesium alloys for single vehicle of technical specialty. As the main researcher, the company has undertaken national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects in the past five years, or as the main researcher, developed innovative products and technologies with independent intellectual property rights. The products and technologies have been successfully introduced to the municipal high-strength adhesive tensile testing machine to meet the relevant requirements of the standard gb/t 7122

experts of the expert base will participate in special review, evaluation, subject inspection and acceptance according to work needs

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