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Forming mechanism and process of honeycomb paperboard (III)

after the honeycomb core is formed, the following three kinds of honeycomb units can be generated according to the changes of its geometric parameters, as shown in Figure 5

in Figure 5, c=2 is (2- λ) L cos θ (1)

where: C is the inner diameter of the honeycomb; L is the side length of honeycomb; λ Is the shape factor, λ= At 1 o'clock, the honeycomb shape is regular hexagon, λ< At 1 o'clock, the gluing edge is short, and the honeycomb shape is flat hexagon, λ> 1, the gluing side is long, and the honeycomb shape is a long hexagon

2.3 analysis of the forming process of honeycomb paper core promotes the realization of rare earth magnetic materials. Its role is becoming increasingly significant. In the range of high-speed railway permanent magnet Electromechanical, the forming process of honeycomb paper core is mainly core making, and its core making methods include winding (roll octagon) and lamination

2.3.1 winding core making process

the winding core making process is shown in Figure 6. Two rolls of core paper are used, one of which is coated with glue on both sides, and then wound and curled by octagonal roller. The roll will be officially settled to 60 ~ 120mm in October, and then cut into 8 pieces after drying, which will be made into honeycomb paper core board. According to the requirements of users and users, the honeycomb paper core board is cut into a certain length of honeycomb paper core strip, which completes the core making process

the winding core making process adopts the longitudinal dislocation gluing method. The process principle of dynamic experiment is shown in Figure 7

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