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Oil and gas monitoring and management

1. Introduction

China is rich in natural gas resources, with a wide range of gas fields, and is often far away from industrial towns and populated areas; In the same gas field, the gas wells are very scattered. Due to their different geographical locations, different production horizons, and different natural gas compositions and impurities. Generally speaking, in addition to a set of automatic control instruments and equipment suitable for the process equipment in the gathering and transportation process to detect and control the separation, metering, heat exchange, pressure regulation and other processes, there is also a need for a comprehensive scheduling management system suitable for production. The natural gas of Daqing oil field in China mainly belongs to the associated gas of oil field, and its distribution is set up according to the location of each oil production plant in the oil field. Daqing oil field is vast, and the oil production plants are geographically dispersed and far away from each other. Therefore, the natural gas processing stations subordinate to the natural gas company are also very dispersed. Therefore, it is very important to establish a unified and modern production management network that creates higher added value

the real-time production integrated management system of natural gas companies designed, developed and implemented by 3D Technology Co., Ltd. aims at improving the overall benefits of the company, starting from strengthening production and operation management, establishing a real-time database and management database covering all production devices and production links, uniformly installing real-time production management software, improving the level of organization and management, production and operation, and improving the adaptability of enterprises to the market

according to the regional distribution of natural gas companies, the real-time information management system has a three-tier application structure

in order to simplify operation and reduce system maintenance and training workload, the client of the system software adopts browser mode, and supports remote mobile office and remote query

II. System introduction and characteristics

there are more than 60 computer operation posts under the natural gas company. The process processing categories include natural gas purification, distillation, crude oil stabilization, natural gas shallow cooling, deep cooling, pressurization, storage and transportation, etc. the monitoring systems of each device include force control, paragon, fix, Foxboro, etc. we install data acquisition software and Ethernet cards in the operation station, The production real-time data is directly sent to the company's real-time database through wireless Ethernet

note: if there are multiple control devices in the same place, the data of each device can be centralized to one operation station through local area, which is also the most important and longest appearing workstation, and transmitted uniformly to the company's real-time database

software composition of the data acquisition layer:

the data acquisition layer includes the following software modules: data acquisition communication software (to complete the reading and verification of data), communication status alarm software (to monitor the communication status, and to alarm in time and make preliminary diagnosis of the fault in case of communication interruption or other communication obstacles) Real time database secondary compression software (secondary compression of a large number of calculation results, on-site real-time data, management data, saving storage space, so that historical data can be saved for more than 10 years), clock synchronization software (strict clock synchronization between data providers and real-time database servers)

implementation scheme of data acquisition and communication:

among more than 60 sets of test and control systems, more than 30 sets are installed and put into use force control software, and the other 30 sets are various control software from many other manufacturers. For these control systems, the data acquisition function from the original control system to

force control is realized; In addition, because the communication resource sub adopts the wireless Ethernet mode, we have developed the network communication service software based on Ethernet; In the central server, a database engine based on IIS is developed to solve the problem of large amount of real-time information retrieval through browser

composition of the management system

1. The device information system

reflects various statistical data of each production and processing device, including device operation status, natural gas export, natural gas pipeline pressure, natural gas volume, light hydrocarbon export and inventory, and can provide comprehensive statistical data of the installation on shift, day, week, ten days, month, quarter, half year and year

2. The external information system

reflects the situation of various stations and gas suppliers (oil production plants), water suppliers (reservoirs), and commodity gas export. Jinan's high-tech talents have a lot of information

3. The integrated management information system

reflects the loss information (processing loss, transmission loss, storage loss), production information (gas production, hydrocarbon production) according to different classifications (by brigade, by device category, etc.), Production energy consumption cost information (water consumption, electricity consumption, gas consumption), etc

4. Measurement information

measurement management is based on the company's production real-time database, and generates three-level measurement management data of units (teams), brigades and companies. The measurement content includes the total amount of light hydrocarbons delivered to the light hydrocarbon reservoir, the total amount of natural gas delivered to the ethylene oil field gas measurement room, the measurement of gas from oil production plants, the measurement of water from reservoirs, and so on. For the measurement management department and relevant personnel to visit, generate various measurement reports, calculate the measurement defects of products, and evaluate the operation effect of the measurement system

system security

the system is a huge production and operation management system. While ensuring its powerful functions, we also consider the security of the system. The security protection design of the system is as follows:

(1) system anti-virus ability design

network anti-virus software is used to protect the safe operation of the network operating system, The establishment of strict network security mechanisms (including firewall technology and virtual network technology) can inhibit the spread of system viruses

(2) system network security design

in order to maintain network system security, vacn (virtual network) and firewall technology are adopted

at the desktop level, using V Tangshan billet, ACN technology is running stably for the time being, and virtual users are divided into multiple sub users, each user only

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