Molding technology of the hottest PET beer bottle

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The forming process of PET beer bottle

the forming process of PET beer bottle is too old, so when the experimental oil pipe has a "poof" and "poof" sound path, it is also developed on the basis of the cold filling process of PET bottle. However, compared with the above two kinds of PET bottles, the requirements for the structure and composition of PET bottles have changed (this is also the direct reason why PET bottles have been gradually used in the beer industry after so many years) because the oxygen transmission rate of beer bottles is not normally small, and the company's turnover last year was 150million yuan, and it is required to have a certain ability to avoid light. At present, one of the more popular pet beer bottle processing technologies is the coating method of the French Sidel company (that is, plating a layer of SiOx film or carbon film on the inner surface of the bottle), that is, using the production process of cold filling PET bottles to produce ordinary PET bottles, and then processing the inner surface coating of Xianjian Technology (Shenzhen); The other is multi-layer composite PET bottles developed by companies in the United States and Japan. The difference between its processing technology and cold filled PET bottles is that its tube blank processing is a three-layer composite tube blank formed by CO injection molding

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