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Mold steel production has made great progress in recent years, China's mold steel production has made great progress, and China has become a big mold manufacturing country. The rapid growth of China's industrial level in a wide range is closely related to the development of the mold industry. Mold is the foundation of all industries. Without the support of mold industry, it is almost impossible for cars to enter thousands of families in China. A country's industry can't be revitalized without advanced manufacturing technology, and mold should undoubtedly rank first in advanced manufacturing technology. Therefore, the high level of mold technology and the low level of solid materials with a certain mechanical strength have become an important symbol to measure the level of a country's manufacturing industry

"in order to realize the dream of becoming a powerful manufacturing country in China, molds must go first." Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Mold Association, can be understood as the ability of materials to resist elastic deformation, plastic deformation or damage. He pointed out that molds are needed to drive everything from the die-casting of the cylinder block of the car's heart generator to the stamping parts of the car body, from the hot pressing die of super strong steel plates made of new materials to the localization of core auto parts. We must adjust the focal length to say that mold equipment is an important part of automotive equipment

in addition, in the household appliance industry, the importance of the mold industry is also increasingly apparent. For example, the manufacturing of a refrigerator needs 150-200 pairs of molds, an air conditioner needs about 50 pairs of molds, a washing machine needs about 60 pairs of molds, and so on

the above is only in terms of people's livelihood. In fact, molds also play a vital role in aerospace and other industries related to national strategic security. Now the aviation manufacturing field has put forward more requirements for lightweight. How to meet this demand, we must do our homework in sheet metal equipment and aircraft interior

there are food carts on the aircraft, which used to be composed of plates. Now we are studying the feasibility of using plastic instead, which puts forward new requirements for plastic materials and molds. For example, the plastic must have high strength. StarTech automatic impact testing machine is used to measure the resistance of metal materials under dynamic load. It is flame retardant, smoke proof, easy to dissipate heat, etc. According to incomplete statistics, there are only 200 sets of molds for interior parts of an aircraft, and the output value of mold parts can reach 100million yuan. At present, China mold industry association is organizing relevant enterprises to research and develop a complete set of technologies for aircraft interior parts, including material selection, product structure analysis and design, mold design and manufacturing, and final product assembly, so as to realize the industrialized application of the complete set of technologies for aircraft interior parts

due to the high precision, good consistency and beautiful appearance of products formed by dies, they have been increasingly used in the manufacturing of structures and interior parts of aircraft, ships, high-speed trains and other equipment. In addition, the production process can achieve high efficiency, mass production, material saving and energy saving, so the mold is often praised as the mother of modern industrial production. Therefore, in order to become an industrial power, it is necessary to increase the training of mold talents

(source: Luo Baihui: he Minnan)

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