Molding technology of the coldest filling PET bott

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The molding process of cold filled PET bottle

the process procedure of cold filled PET bottle is: tube blank injection → tube blank temperature adjustment → stretch blow molding → product removal. The one-step and two-step process flow of cold filling PET bottles are basically the same, the difference is that the whole process of one-step is completed on an injection, drawing and blow molding machine; The two-step bottle blank preparation and stretch blow molding are completed on two independent machines respectively. The one-step method is also called hot forming method. After the tube blank formed by this method is formed in the injection station, the material smelting and rolling process are summarized and directly sent to the next station to adjust the temperature, and then transferred to the next station to stretch and blow molding, which has a high degree of automation and low energy consumption; The two-step rule is to place the tube blank for more than 24h after production, and then heat, stretch and blow molding. The degree of automation is low, and the energy consumption is high, but the equipment is simple, the investment is small, and the use and maintenance are easy

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