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Prevention and control of water monitoring and preventive measures

in order to highlight the safe production of coal mines, promote the prevention and control of water, prevent the occurrence of major water disasters in coal mines, and ensure the personal safety of coal mines and workers, this prevention and control of water monitoring and preventive measures is specially formulated:

first, coal mines must have a management organization responsible for the prevention and control of rising water in labor costs, clarify it, and formulate an emergency response plan. The main person in charge is the first person responsible for water prevention and control, and is responsible for solving the human, financial, material, etc. needed for water prevention and control; The chief engineer (technical director) is responsible for the technical management of water prevention and control work

second, the coal mine must be equipped with professional technicians who can meet the needs of water prevention and control. At least one person shall be assigned to the mine with simple hydrogeological type, and at least two persons shall be assigned to the mine with medium or above hydrogeological type. The assigned personnel must undergo professional technical training and have certain professional quality

it can be divided into carbon fiber reinforced composites (CFRP) and carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites (CFRTP). Third, to ensure the accuracy of speed, coal mines must strengthen the basic work of mine water prevention and control. All kinds of original records, accounts, cards, etc. are complete and accurate; The drawings and data are complete and reliable, and the filling and drawing are timely; Do a good job in the analysis and prediction of mine water conditions and disasters, and provide various hydrogeological data in time to meet the needs of mine production safety

fourth, coal mines must do a good job in the investigation and treatment of floods. Check the flood at least once a month, and formulate prevention and control measures for the checked flood, so as to implement the project, fund, measures, time, personnel and six aspects

v. the mine must have a perfect drainage system, and the drainage capacity must comply with the provisions of the coal mine safety regulations. Mines and areas with water inrush risk must be equipped with waterproof isolation facilities such as waterproof gates according to regulations to realize partition isolation. The isolation facilities must be managed by special personnel and regularly inspected and maintained. The waterproof gate must be closed twice a year by the person in charge, and the problems found must be solved in time

VI. the coal mine must strengthen the exploration and management of the ancient goaf, old goaf and goaf ponding, and strengthen the investigation and analysis of the ancient goaf, old goaf and abandoned old kilns in adjacent mines; The chief engineer (technical director) of the mine must organize relevant personnel to recheck and verify once a year, and fill in and draw on the mining engineering plan timely and accurately as required; Strengthen the relationship and coordination with neighboring mines, do a good job in drawing exchange according to the requirements of the safety mutual insurance agreement, and establish perfect archives. Strictly implement the system of "exploration before excavation, exploration before excavation, and exploration before mining"

VII. Coal mines must strictly implement the examination and approval management system for water prevention and control. With the development of science and technology, mines threatened by overburden water or surface water must be reserved with waterproof coal (rock) pillars in accordance with the provisions of mine design and mine geological report. It is strictly prohibited to increase the mining limit without the approval of the provincial coal administration department. For mines threatened by confined water, the geological conditions of clear water must be checked before mining, the treatment plan and preventive measures must be prepared, and the implementation shall be organized after being submitted for approval according to the management authority

VIII. Coal mines must reserve enough coal pillars at the mine boundary in accordance with relevant regulations, and shall not be damaged by mining without authorization; To change the boundary coal pillar, a special design must be prepared and submitted to the provincial coal administration department for approval. It is strictly prohibited to discharge water and cut through roadways that endanger the safety of adjacent mines

IX. before the rainy season every year, the coal mine must conduct a comprehensive analysis and investigation of the three prevention work in the rainy season of the unit, and conduct a joint test run of the main drainage system. Special prevention and control measures must be formulated for mines affected or threatened by rainy season precipitation. If the elevation of the wellhead and industrial square is lower than the local highest flood level over the years, there must be prevention, blocking, drainage and drainage measures

X. coal mining enterprises must increase capital investment in water prevention and control projects. The chief engineer (technical director) must organize relevant personnel to prepare the water prevention and control project plan every year, which shall be included in the safety technical measures project plan after being approved by the main person in charge, and organize the implementation

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