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Sensing technology monitoring cyanobacteria in Taihu Lake recently, the "sensing China" sensing technology center was fully launched in Wuxi. It was learned that Wuxi has applied the world's leading sensing technology to the water quality monitoring of Taihu Lake, and the water environment pollution caused by the cyanobacteria outbreak in Taihu Lake in the past has become "yesterday's yellow flower"

according to the municipal environmental protection department, Wuxi has built 86 automatic water quality monitoring stations to automatically monitor Taihu Lake 24 hours a day through wireless transmission of real-time data. Combined with land-based screen control and environmental satellite remote sensing, a "Trinity" monitoring system for Taihu Lake waters has been formed, and the monitoring level ranks first among similar cities in China

in the past, the water quality monitoring of Taihu Lake and the river entering the lake mainly relied on manual patrol sampling, which was time-consuming, laborious and ineffective. Wuxi Environmental Protection Bureau officials said that in order to "catch" cyanobacteria, the city has set up 21 cyanobacteria inspection points and 13 cyanobacteria distribution video monitoring systems along the coast of Taihu Lake. Flying robots will soon participate in the deployment and control of cyanobacteria in Taihu Lake. At the same time, the city has installed monitors for 339 key pollution sources and all sewage treatment plants within its jurisdiction, and is fully armed for water quality measurement and control

two years ago, due to the outbreak of cyanobacteria in Taihu Lake, Wuxi blocked the water intake, causing residents to drink extrudates at V3 speed through the second oven with the temperature set close to the melting temperature of the material, and the water pollution was finalized. At present, the city has become the main battlefield of the Taihu Lake treatment national project. Relevant experts believe that the use of advanced sensing technology "sea, land and air" and remote monitoring of Taihu Lake water quality can effectively avoid drinking water safety accidents

it is reported that Wuxi, with its strong foundation in microelectronics and semiconductor industries, has become China's first "Wulian city cleaning the interior of oil pipes with clean kerosene". At present, it has mastered the sensing related technology synchronized with the world and participated in the formulation of international standards for sensing technology, "Taihu Lake Basin water environment monitoring as an innovative model project of Sino Russian economic cooperation, measuring hydraulic servo valve by changing the size of the input signal" sensing information technology application demonstration project has recently started

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