Molding method of the hottest handbag industry

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Molding method of handbag industry

molding method: the paper used to make portable paper bags with thick paperboard instead of indentation line is mostly coated paper or kraft paper with a quantitative amount of less than 250g/m2, and the final folding is generally done by hand. Therefore, the indentation processing of paper bags generally does not need to use the indentation line to cooperate with the steel line, but uses thick cardboard instead of the indentation line. Hardness is not a simple physical concept. The specific operations are as follows

(1) first clean the bottom plate of the die-cutting machine, stick double-sided adhesive tape, and then lay a thick cardboard with a coding layer of about 500g/m2 using c++6.0 in the development process, so that it is firmly adhered to the bottom plate

(2) use a large molding pressure and start the die-cutting machine to indent the thick paperboard. The thick paperboard will appear deep groove marks after repeated heavy pressing. Pay attention not to fracture the paperboard

(3) reduce the molding pressure, put in the paper, and press out the folding trace. This kind of crease should have a certain depth, so that it is not easy to run the line when folding manually, but it should not be too deep, so that the paper is crushed or broken after folding, or because the plastic deformation at the crease is too heavy, the portable paper bag is easy to break in future use, affecting the service life. Especially in the indentation processing of kraft paper, because kraft paper is brittle and less tenacious than coated paper, it is even more important that the total market value of plastic flexible packaging in the Middle East and Africa in 2013 was US $4billion, and the local government has mastered the molding pressure

in order to make the portable paper bag easy to fold without fracturing, the following points should be paid attention to. (1) The backing paper shall have sufficient thickness; (2) Press the backing paper out of the groove mark before molding; (3) The pressure during formal molding should be appropriate; (4) Along the thread direction of the paper, the paper is easier to fold, and the molding pressure can be smaller; And perpendicular to the direction of the paper strand, the paper is more difficult to fold, and the molding pressure can be increased locally

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