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Characteristics of polypropylene packaging sheet (PP)

with the popularity of the concept of environmental protection, polypropylene sheet has gradually become a popular new material in the field of international drug packaging. The modified polypropylene sheet has excellent air tightness, transparency and insulation. 3. About the lifting rack and injection cup of spring testing machine, high impact strength and good processing performance, and it is non-toxic and harmless. This product will be widely used in medicine, food and other fields instead of PVC hard sheets. Polypropylene has good transparency, stiffness and appearance effect, excellent gas and water barrier, thus known performance, which can ensure that the contents have a long shelf life. The drug coated sheet has excellent processing performance, mature technology, high production efficiency, excellent recycling function, and is conducive to environmental protection. It can effectively avoid the damage of gas, light and other media to the composition of drugs, adapt to any climate region, and is especially suitable for high-end, new-type drugs that are easy to decompose and undergo chemical changes, and can effectively protect the quality of drugs. It is suitable for pills, which can effectively avoid the splashing of broken samples. It is hard and tough: the packaging of drugs such as suppositories, capsules and lozenges with large modulus of elasticity, and it is easy to open.

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