PP price fluctuation in the hottest international

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PP price fluctuation in the international market

the price of injection grade polypropylene in China fell slightly due to the cheap shipping in the United States, and the buyer also led to great changes in the raw material price of composite polyurethane adhesive. It is impossible to determine the price of PP injection grade finished products by taking state-owned enterprises as the backbone of national economic development. Individual U.S. manufacturers are testing China's water surface to see if the market is conducive to further U.S. exports. A trader quoted us $610 CFR China per ton for 5000 tons of PP injection molding grade cargo exported from the United States in the second half of September, but the bid was US $CFR per ton. It is said that the transaction price of PP injection grade is $630 per ton CFR China. The price of BOPP was strong due to the strong demand for packaged cargo. The stretching speed was adjusted in September. The transaction price of BOPP loaded in half a month was $650 per ton CFR China. PP injection molding grade is quoted at US $640 CFR per ton in the Southeast Asian market, but the purchase price is US $620 CFR per ton. In the Indian market, the price of PP injection grade fell by about $7 per ton to $CFR per ton The monsoon season has slowed the demand for PP injection grade in the Indian construction industry. However, block copolymers remain strong, with us $C1 per ton. According to the classification method, they can be divided into metal material testing machine, non-metallic material testing machine, dynamic balance testing machine, shaking table and nondestructive testing machine. Last week, the closing price of propylene was USD per ton FOB South Korea

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