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Haoshitong has invested heavily to build a research and development level laboratory

recently, haoshitong has ushered in another great event. In order to continuously improve the quality of products and customer service capabilities, R & D level laboratories such as audio detection, electrostatic detection, reliability detection and video image analysis have been officially completed and put into use after spending a half year. This marks that the independent R & D and testing ability of haoshitong hardware products has stepped onto a new level, and the product design and development are more professional and standardized

high standard detection brings high-quality products

usually in video conferencing, the audio effect directly determines the user experience of video conferencing and whether the conference process is efficient. Due to the variable and complex use scenarios of audio, it sometimes encounters difficulties that are difficult to quantify in the process of product development. Therefore, haoshitong has specially built a professional audio laboratory to test and evaluate the performance and effect of sound quality from an objective point of view, such as duplex call analysis, echo cancellation, audio noise suppression, audio noise suppression, speech gain, hardware audio indicators, etc

haoshitong audio laboratory adopts the industry's top detection system, and the anechoic room adopts new sound-absorbing materials. Compared with the old wedge sound-absorbing materials, it has a lower cut-off by accurately controlling the frequency and stability of tiny ceramic fibers. With the help of professional environment and testing equipment, we can make professional testing and evaluation of audio effect, ensure that the product can effectively troubleshoot the problems of equipment audio in the research and development stage, and improve the quality and stability of mechanical products by exploring the system of innovative production, study and research, so that customers can feel the best audio effect in the process of using video conference communication

it has high requirements not only for audio detection, but also for video detection. By testing the resolution, color restoration, uniformity, white balance, exposure error, distortion, field angle, gray scale, wide dynamic range and other indicators after image acquisition and processing, haoshitong image analysis laboratory fully meets the needs of new graphics technology and new applications

in addition to audio and video testing, at the initial stage of product development, the haoshitong reliability laboratory will also conduct comprehensive testing of products' high and low temperature storage, high and low temperature work, high temperature and high humidity work, cold and hot shock, as well as electrostatic discharge and protection ability testing, so as to lay a reliable foundation for the production and testing of later products, provide customers with safer, more reliable and durable products, and improve user experience

future: make use of majors to create better

in the future, these professional laboratories will be widely used in hardware design, algorithm research and development, product production and other aspects of haoshitong products, which can significantly improve the innovation and research and development of haoshitong products with high transmission accuracy. Improve product performance and quality. Whether products have defects and excellent performance often requires meticulous and comprehensive testing. The completion of haoshitong professional laboratory should consider the temperature correction of its verification results, so that each product can be tested and polished repeatedly, and problems can be found in the test in time and innovative technology can improve the performance, so as to provide customers with safer, more durable and better performance products

improve the efficiency of R & D. In the past, haoshitong hardware product testing needed to find an external laboratory for testing, which led to R & D personnel investing a lot of time in various coordination and communication, which affected their energy investment in product research and development. After having their own professional laboratory, R & D personnel can have more time to focus on innovative research and development

as a high-tech enterprise that insists on independent research and development, haoshitong has always been committed to providing customers with better product experience; Strong R & D capability + professional testing equipment will provide customers with higher quality products

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