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The shipbuilding industry is sailing from "shallow sea" to "deep sea"

Jiaolong manned submersible is ready for sea test

the 30 years of reform and opening up have enabled China's shipbuilding industry to achieve a historic leap from traditional industry to modern industry, from self isolation to the international industry on July 25th, 2017, creating a new situation for China's shipbuilding industry. The development of shipbuilding industry is not only the product of reform and opening up, but also a significant symbol of the success of reform and opening up

30 years ago, China's annual shipbuilding output was only 300.4 million deadweight tons. By 1994, China had become the world's third largest shipbuilding country after Japan and South Korea; By 2010, some screw rods of the three electronic metal tensile testing machines on the current market were T-shaped ordinary screw rods, and the shipbuilding index comprehensively surpassed that of South Korea, which ranked first in the world at that time. In 2012, the national shipbuilding completion volume was 60.21 million deadweight tons; The order volume of new ships is 20.41 million dwt; The order volume of hand-held ships is 106.95 million dwt. Although these three indicators have declined year-on-year, they still firmly occupy the first position in the world under the downturn of the global shipping market

with the substantial increase of industrial scale and the change of world status, the export amount of China's shipbuilding industry has maintained a rapid growth. In 2012, the export delivery value of Shipbuilding Enterprises above designated size was 268.4 billion yuan. At the same time, the industrial cluster effect has initially appeared, forming a new pattern of competitive development of large, medium and small shipbuilding enterprises, central enterprises and private enterprises with large state-owned enterprises as the backbone

30 years ago, China's shipbuilding industry was weak in technology, unable to build large ships and complex ships. There were not only few ship types, but also no series. There were a lot of gaps in high-tech and special-purpose ship types

what is particularly prominent is that since the 1983 decision on speeding up the development of major technical equipment (No. 110 document), China has made significant progress in the development of marine science and technology, made new breakthroughs in several key products and technical fields, and provided strong technical support for industrial development

development process

in recent years, with the implementation of the medium and long term development plan of the shipbuilding industry by the State Council, a number of modern large-scale shipbuilding facilities have been built in the Yangtze River Estuary, the Pearl River Estuary and the Bohai Bay Rim

in addition to its international status and production scale, China's shipbuilding industry has also significantly improved its scientific and technological innovation level. It has not only successfully independently designed and built super large mainstream ships such as Cape of good hope bulk carriers, 300000 DWT oil tankers, 8530teu container ships, but also made major breakthroughs in the field of high-tech ships and marine engineering construction

at the same time, the management level of major domestic ship manufacturers has also been significantly improved. At present, the gap between China's shipbuilding efficiency and that of Japan and South Korea has narrowed from 1/4 at the end of the last century to about 1/10, and the typical shipbuilding cycle of backbone enterprises has approached the world's advanced level

these significant improvements mark the historic leap from traditional industry to modern industry and from self isolation to international industry in the 30 years of reform and opening up of China's shipbuilding industry, creating a new situation for China's shipbuilding industry. The development of shipbuilding industry is not only the product of reform and opening up, but also a significant symbol of the success of reform and opening up

the release of the medium and long term development plan of offshore engineering equipment manufacturing industry also defines the goal for the development of China's offshore engineering equipment manufacturing industry. According to the plan, by 2015 and 2020, the annual sales revenue will reach more than 200billion yuan and more than 400billion yuan respectively, of which the international market share of offshore oil and gas development equipment will reach more than 20% and 35% respectively, and the matching rate of key systems and equipment of offshore oil and gas development equipment will reach more than 30% and more than 50% respectively; The industrial scale, independent innovation ability and comprehensive competitiveness have been greatly improved, a relatively complete industrial system has been formed, industrial clusters have been formed, and the international competitiveness has been significantly improved, which has promoted China to become a major offshore engineering equipment manufacturing country and power in the world

scientific and technological achievements

in terms of the optimization and development of mainstream ship types, China has the independent design and research and development ability of mainstream ship types such as bulk carriers, oil tankers and container ships, and has realized the serialization, batch order receiving and construction of the three mainstream ship types. Some products have approached or reached the world's advanced level

for example, designed by Shanghai Shipbuilding Research and Design Institute, including 205000 tons, 230000 tons, 320000 tons, 400000 tons and other ship types. The 230000 ton ore carrier is the largest ore carrier suitable for transporting ore in Australia. At present, it is the main ship type for transporting ore in Australia. The successful development of this ship type has broken the monopoly of Japanese ship enterprises. The 400000 ton ore carrier is by far the largest dedicated ore carrier being designed and built in the world. Jiangsu Rongsheng Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. has received an order for 8+4 ships and has begun construction

in 2002, the 300000 DWT super large oil tanker (vl-cc) yuandahu built by Dalian Xinchuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. made its maiden voyage, which is also the first 300000 DWT giant crude oil ship built in China. The completion of this giant oil tanker marks a zero breakthrough in the design and construction of VLCCs in China's shipbuilding industry, which not only realizes the dream of several generations of Chinese shipbuilders, but also breaks the monopoly of the world's shipbuilding powers in this field, thus making China enter the ranks of the only countries in the world that can design and build VLCCs

in 2007, a super large container ship 8530teu container ship built by Hudong Zhonghua shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd. was successfully launched. Since then, China has become the fourth country in the world to independently design and build large container ships after South Korea, Japan and Denmark

in 2010, the localization project of 147000 cubic meters large liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier of Hudong China (Group) Co., Ltd. won the first prize of the first national energy science and technology progress award, and launched three new LNG ships with cabin capacities of 160000 cubic meters, 175000 cubic meters and 220000 cubic meters independently developed. It marks that China has become one of the few countries in the world that can independently develop, design and build LNG ships

it is understood that LNG ships are special ships that transport liquefied natural gas at minus 163 ℃ under normal temperature and pressure. They are internationally recognized as high-tech, difficult and high value-added ships. They are known as the Pearl on the crown of shipbuilding. In the past, only a few countries were able to design and build

in 2011, the sixth generation 3000m deepwater semi submersible drilling platform offshore oil 981 built by Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. was delivered. The maximum operating water depth is 3050 meters, and the maximum drilling depth is 12000 meters. This marks that China's exploration and development capacity of deep-water oil and gas resources and the construction level of large-scale marine equipment have entered the world's advanced ranks, which is of great strategic significance for achieving the objectives of the national energy strategic planning and safeguarding the national interests

in addition, China's first 12 cable geophysical exploration ship, offshore oil 720, in Asia and the world's first 3000 meter deep-water engineering survey ship, offshore oil 708, were also delivered in the same year, thus China's joint fleet for deep-water operations gradually took shape

in 2012, the Jiaolong manned submersible, mainly developed by China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, dived to 7062 meters in the Mariana Trench in the Western Pacific Ocean, setting the world record for the maximum diving depth of manned submersible

the Jiaolong sea trial began in 2009 and lasted four years. It has successively carried out 1000 meter sea trials, 3000 meter sea trials and 5000 meter sea trials, and finally successfully completed the 7000 meter sea trials. The success of the 7000 meter sea trial marks a major breakthrough in China's manned deep diving technology, reaching the international leading level, enabling China to carry out research and resource exploration in 99.8% of the global ocean depths

in the same year, it is also worth writing that China's first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship was officially delivered at the Dalian shipyard of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. During this period, the J-15 aircraft took off and landed successfully. The successful handover of the first aircraft carrier into the fleet and the successful landing of carrier based aircraft indicate that significant achievements have been made in the development and construction of aircraft carriers in China and that important progress has been made in the construction of weapons and equipment in our army

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