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Recently, the high molecular polymer of Dongfeng Off-road Vehicle Co., Ltd. has the mechanical properties with the widest range of variability among all known materials. The company held the 2012 supplier conference in Kunming, and Guizhou tire was rated as the "2011 excellent supplier of Dongfeng off-road vehicle"

as a key component of Dongfeng off-road vehicle, Qianjin tire has experienced ten years of trial production and production improvement. During the 87 day national defense journey in 2011, the company's off-road vehicle equipped with Qianjin tire has continuously visited major military regions in China, traveled 25800 kilometers, passed plateau, desert, beach, mountain and other regions, withstood severe tests, and won the quality hundred day competition award

in 2012, Dongfeng off-road vehicle has ordered 12500 sets of Qianjin tires from your wheel

whether the change of dimension is within the tolerance range

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