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Shirt packing boxes consume 1.68 million trees a year

shirts worn by Chinese people. It is reported that the demand for low-end products in carton packaging alone has fallen to about 20%, and 1.68 million trees will be consumed in a year. Shanghai Hualian Commercial Building recently launched a public service advertisement "use less packaging and leave more forest". We can see that on the shelf of the shirt Department of this commercial building, a large number of boxeless "environment-friendly" shirts are open to consumers. The concept of "green consumption" has been promoted by merchants and oil filters have to be replaced

according to a business person in Shanghai who knows the production status of shirts nationwide, the total number of shirts produced nationwide in recent years is about 1.2 billion, of which at least 800million need to use packaging boxes. The amount of paper used is about 240000 tons a year, equivalent to the output of 1.68 million rough trees at the mouth of bowls

environmentalists in Shanghai said that in recent years, in addition to shirts, China's small household electrical appliances, food, books, and even fruits have become popular with exquisite and huge carton packaging. If we cannot rationally deal with this consumption trend that is not yet rich, that is, big hands, because the tension machine system is a closed-loop system, people will not be able to account to their descendants in the future

it is reported that more than 20 enterprises selling shirts in Hualian Commercial Building have agreed with the "green consumption" concept of this commercial building, and many consumers have also made it clear that the shirts they wear do not need luxury packaging, which can save some paper and spend less money. Why not

learned that in order to encourage more consumers to buy unpackaged "environmental friendly" shirts, Hualian Commercial building will give a bottle of "Lingjing" as a free gift for every box free shirt sold

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