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Foshan Shishan declared the plastic packaging characteristic base

yesterday, the national plastic processing industry association will put forward the demand by product research and development. Long Liao Zhengpin led the senior management of China plastic processing industry association and Guangdong plastic industry association to visit Shishan and gave a high evaluation of the current development status of plastic packaging industry in Shishan. Liaozhengpin said that it would actively promote the settlement of the plastic packaging characteristic base in Shishan to 12%

it is reported that as a characteristic industry of Shishan, plastic packaging enterprises in Shishan continue to grow. At present, there are more than 100 upstream and downstream enterprises in the plastic packaging industry chain, and the annual output value of the whole industry chain exceeds 5billion yuan. With the continuous optimization of the industry, its industrial characteristics have gradually emerged. First, there are abundant plastic products. Shishan plastic industry products mainly include: blow molding cans, injection barrels, U-PVC building drainage pipes, floor tables, turnover baskets, home appliance accessories, plastic furniture, cars, motorcycle accessories, etc; Second, attach importance to research and development and innovation. Shishan's plastic entrepreneurs are willing to reach trillions of yuan in the future market and realize that only innovation can lead to development. In order to meet the continuous changes and development of the industry, many enterprises began to set up a new trust product R & D department to engage in the design and development of new products. More enterprises are equipped with advanced CAD, cam design and development systems and CNC machining centers; Third, the product quality has been recognized by well-known enterprises at home and abroad. Sinopec, PetroChina, TCL, Haier, Midea, Panasonic, Dongfeng Honda and other well-known enterprises are supporting service objects of Shishan plastic enterprises, and their high quality has won the trust of customers at home and abroad

on the same day, Liao Zhengpin and his delegation inspected Dongxing Plastic, Dongfang plastic and other well-known enterprises. Liao Zhengpin said that he would give strong support to Shishan's application for plastic packaging characteristic base

source: Foshan

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