The hottest Shishi tea is seriously over packed

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Shishi tea is seriously over packaged

at present, the problem of over packaging in Shishi tea market is becoming more and more serious. In order to attract business, some tea manufacturers and merchants pursue profit maximization and package tea in a fancy and luxurious way. This phenomenon not only causes losses to consumers, but also wastes a lot of resources and increases the pressure on the urban sanitation system by increasing the industrial added value of Enterprises above the scope of non-ferrous metals by 11.7% in 2015. It can be said that it wastes people and money and is incompatible with the concept of a conservation oriented society

many citizens are opposed to the excessive packaging of tea. Ms. Qiu said that some tea shops packed tea on three floors inside and three floors outside in order to "look good". In fact, there was only a little tea in such a large packing bag, which seemed "flashy". Some luxury packages are more expensive than the tea in them. It's putting the cart before the horse

Mr. Fu, a citizen, suggested that tea sales outlets could carry out the activity of "replacing tea with packaging boxes". As long as the tea packaging boxes with intact appearance were installed with tension (compression) force sensors, a certain amount of tea could be exchanged, which was also a way of environmental protection and promotion

it is understood that although the state issued the packaging standards for moon cakes this mid autumn festival, and the problem of "slimming down" of moon cakes has been improved to a certain extent over the years, the trend of excessive packaging of commodities has shifted to "tea" and "wine". In order to earn more profits, tea manufacturers and packaging and printing factories deliberately make packaging bags exquisite and luxurious, with a variety of patterns, resulting in the rising cost of tea. Some people say that "wool comes from sheep", and the cost of excessive packaging is actually passed on to consumers. On the other hand, tea gifts have been popular for a long time. They use luxury packaging to show style and dignity and cater to the psychology of some consumers

tea is mainly used for drinking, not for decoration or beauty. The excessive packaging of tea has attracted the attention of the Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision. According to the relevant leaders of the Bureau, although there are national health standards for tea, there are no grade evaluation, packaging and other standards. At present, the excessive packaging of tea produced by the development of new materials in the market is very wasteful. This problem deserves attention and should be standardized

insiders pointed out pointedly that commodities naturally need packaging, and the packaging of tea has the functions of moisture-proof, gas insulation and shading. In addition to misleading consumers, excessive packaging is a waste of resources and environmental pollution. It is urgent to standardize the packaging of tea and other commodities and limit the overflow of excessive packaging and deceptive packaging from the source

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