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2018 ranking list of domestic SCARA robot shipments in China

recently, GGII released the "2018 ranking list of domestic SCARA robot shipments in China TOP10". SCARA is mainly used in the field of 3C and new energy. Because of this, the current SCARA market competition is fierce. GGII believes that the market demand for SCARA robots in China will remain optimistic in the next three years. Under the background of squeezed profits of terminal manufacturers, comprehensive high cost performance is one of the key reference indicators for many terminal manufacturers to purchase


it has been exactly ten years since Shenzhen zhongweixing developed and issued the first industrial robot in 2008. In this decade, zhongweixing took quality, taste and character as the concept, optimized products and selected customers, gradually grew into the first domestic SCARA brand, and its sales volume remained the first in China for three consecutive years

zhongweixing pioneered China's four-axis and six axis drive control integrated control technology in the industry, mastered the core technology of motion control and servo drive, and independently developed the robot vision system. Select the key components of the body, reducer, screw rod and spline, and cooperate with subdivision top manufacturers. Through the above practices, the accuracy and reliable stability of the robot operation are ensured. Through the optimization of structure and control algorithm, SCARA realizes high-speed start and stop without vibration

nowadays, zhongweixing SCARA has experienced four generations of products. Zhongweixing has set up liaison offices and service centers in many key cities across the country, and gradually established a global sales service network. It is reported that zhongweixing series products have been exported to 103 countries and regions such as Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan

delta SCARA is widely used in consumer electronics, electronic motors, rubber and plastic, packaging, metal products and other industries. It is mostly used in locking screws, gluing, transfer, soldering, handling, packaging and other important work, and even complex and precise production line processes. Judging from the development in 2018, Delta's industrial automation business still maintained a stable growth rate

under the new idea of transition from the original technology marketing to value marketing, delta emphasizes to create higher application value for users with Delta's core products. Within the enterprise, delta is actively deploying more industrial application development, quickly targeting the target market, and quickly copying the successful application model to the whole market. Focus on the development of packaging, textile, mechanical control, CNC numerical control system, woodworking and other subdivision applications, as well as 3C electronic manufacturing, lithium battery production and other emerging fields; Outside the enterprise, Delta has also begun to strengthen the integration ability of channel providers recently, by providing users with overall solutions to match the current value marketing trend of the enterprise

at the same time, delta is also investing more resources and manpower to develop the key customer market, and actively looking for some more powerful SI system integrator partners, combined with the development strength of these Si in the industry application field, to jointly cultivate the key customer market. In addition, in order to bring higher application value to users, Delta has made external mergers and acquisitions, such as mergers and acquisitions of Yuguan, Taiwan's leading manufacturer of MES manufacturing execution system and production line equipment automation integration system (BCS), and internal resource integration. It has specially established an intelligent manufacturing division in the electromechanical business group, focusing on the development of intelligent manufacturing solutions

Turing robot

under the concept that system is the soul and drive is the core, Turing robot is committed to building competitive and good products, relying on the independently developed operating system and the development strategy customized for market segments

since its establishment, Turing has always insisted on continuously improving the enterprise's R & D system, maintaining the proportion of R & D personnel in the total employees at more than 20%, and also maintaining a large proportion of investment in R & D. So far, Turing robot has obtained 12 invention patents, 16 utility models and 18 software copyrights, and became a patent pilot enterprise in Shanghai in 2010. In 2017, Turing robot won the title of little giant enterprise in Jiading District, Shanghai

in order to further meet the market demand, in October 2018, the 10000 square meter robot industry base invested by Turing robot in Jiangsu has been put into operation, which can meet the production capacity demand of 10000 sets per year


under the dual core and dual wheel drive strategy of endogenesis and extension, Esther's robot business has developed at a super high speed. Easton is the only enterprise in China that has three major technology platforms and a complete series of products: CNC system, electro-hydraulic servo system, motion control and AC servo system. It has the competitive advantage of the whole industrial chain of integrated application of core components + ontology + robot

in terms of market development, Easton has formed the development direction of "general + subdivision" in the robot field. In the general robot field, it wins the scale effect through large-scale production, obtains the cost advantage, and creates the leading position of robots in the subdivision field. In addition to having a full range of general-purpose robot products, it has a certain comparative advantage in the standardized robot workstation products in the segmented industry

on October 20, 2018, Easton (Guangdong) company officially opened in Foshan high tech Zone; On November 17, 2018, Aston and mestus held a strategic cooperation product conference in Shenzhen. Mestus received strategic investment from Aston, and the two sides established a long-term strategic cooperation relationship

while comprehensively distributing the Chinese market, Easton actively promotes the international development strategy and builds the company's core competitiveness from a global perspective. In the future, Esther will also technically combine robots and artificial intelligence technology to develop into intelligent robots

Huiling technology

Huiling technology was founded by the end of 2015. The core members of the team are from Harbin Institute of technology. The main products are cooperative four-axis manipulator and electric gripper. At present, Huiling's mechanical arm and electric gripper have served thousands of customers and have been exported to dozens of countries such as the United States, Europe, Japan and so on

in October, 2018, Huiling technology received 30million a round of financing led by Shunwei capital, Chuangshi partners, and Saizhi venture capital. After this round of financing, Huiling technology will further increase R & D investment, deeply cultivate the light industry market, expand production capacity, and help more and more enterprises realize automation transformation from the aspects of reducing costs and operating thresholds

on January 17, 2019, Huiling technology and Jiangsu Hagong Haidu industrial machining Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation relationship. The two sides will work together to carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of education around the cultivation and innovation of industrial robot talents and the construction of teaching resources; On the morning of January 18, 2019, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Huiling Technology Co., Ltd. and the 6000 square meter finishing center officially settled in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province

Li Qun automation

since successfully developing the world's first drive control integrated parallel (delta) robot in 2013, Li Qun has its own brand of parallel all-in-one machine, SCARA all-in-one machine and six axis all-in-one machine. It is the second enterprise in the world to have a full range of industrial robot products except abb, and has formed a trinity product system of robot ontology + application software platform + intelligent solutions. With the support of production line design and development, process modularization and application experience accumulation, it can flexibly respond to market demand, provide users with exactly the required automation strategy, and help users realize intelligent manufacturing quickly and efficiently

Li Qun automation has built a service network covering the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and central China, from meeting the refined production of 3C industry, high-intensity production of hardware industry to cleaner production of food industry to application exploration in the fields of medicine and new energy, providing professional automation solutions for users in different industries

at present, leading enterprises in many industries have chosen Li Qun. Recently, Li Qun has made new breakthroughs in market development. First, it has been recognized by leading enterprises in the field of new energy; The second is to successfully enter the supply chain of apple, a well-known enterprise in the world, including polycarbonate, polystyrene, TPU, pet, PBA, polyvinyl alcohol, polyformaldehyde and replaceable bioplastics, transparent materials and flexible materials, and become their automation solution supplier

Kaibao robot

Kaibao robot, founded in 2012, has transformed from a trading company to a robot enterprise. Up to now, it has developed Cartesian coordinates robot, SCARA robot and six axis robot, and its products are widely used in 3C equipment industry, LCD equipment, precision glue dispensing equipment, automatic detection equipment, etc

in February 2019, Kaibao robot claimed to have received tens of millions of a-round investments from an investment institution in Hangzhou. This round of financing funds is mainly used for production expansion and technological upgrading to meet market demand. It is reported that after June this year, the annual production scale of Kaibao robot will reach 6000 sets

based on the market demand and customer feedback, Kaibao robot also tried some diversified scenario applications in 2018, and began to apply SCARA in some traditional industries, such as some shoe factories and toy factories with more labor than during this transition period. In 2019, Kaibao robot will continue to promote the application of SCARA robot in the fields of screw locking and precision dispensing to replace the application of modules, and strive to exceed the sales volume of 2000 sets

Huasheng control

in parallel robot enterprises, Huasheng control, as an early distributor, combines advanced motion control technology with vision technology. At present, its products are widely used in various packaging industries, such as electronic assembly, pharmaceutical manufacturing and sorting, processing equipment product sorting, food packaging and sorting. With the characteristics of high speed and stable system, it meets the diversified needs of the market and customers

on the basis of parallel robots, Huasheng control began to explore new fields and enter SCARA robots. Huasheng control has reached strategic partnerships with some core parts enterprises and suppliers to build an ultra-low price SCARA robot in this way, and shape the brand value of various enterprises through the influence of popular models

Tiantai robot

in 2018, Tiantai robot focused on SCARA segmentation, put forward the idea of light integration around SCARA, successfully launched SCARA screw machine, formed a large number of promotion models, found key segmentation markets, and won the recognition of the industry and users

under the concept of light integration and based on the application of SCARA, Tiantai robot has also made several standard workstations, including soldering workstation and abnormal plug-in workstation, which are developed by Tiantai robot in conjunction with integrators in the process of using robots. In addition, based on the ability of robot development, experience in the integration industry and team strength, in addition to making standard workstations and screw machines, Tiantai robot also develops robot special machines for integrators

in January 2019, Tiantai robot launched SCARA, a new product with a market price of only 15000 yuan, which entered the market at almost half price, throwing a heavy bomb on the robot market

benrun robot

established in September 2013, benrun robot is a high-tech company whose main products are harmonic reducers, robots and automation integration projects. On March 2, 2017, benrun robot landed on the new third board

as the core technology of harmonic reducer, benrun has made in-depth research in the formulation development, preparation process, structural design and other aspects of the flexible wheel, and has made technological innovation and breakthrough. Based on the advantages of harmonic reducer, benrun scar is used in vehicle VOC

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