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Shishi printing and packaging industry contributes to the steady growth of the economy

it was learned from the recent Shishi economic situation analysis meeting that in August, how should we deal with the damage of stone electronic universal testing machine accessories? The overall economic operation of lion city was stable, and the total output value of industries above designated size was 43.65 billion yuan, an increase of 23.8%; The investment in fixed assets of the whole society reached 11.53 billion yuan, an increase of 30.8%; The total retail sales of social consumer goods reached 14.74 billion yuan, an increase of 14.4%; The self operated export of foreign trade (the cumulative number of Customs in January and September) was 920 million US dollars, an increase of 57.4%

since 2010, Shishi City has conscientiously implemented the spirit of the fourth and fifth plenary sessions of the 17th CPC Central Committee. In accordance with the important strategic deployment of the provincial Party committee to promote the leapfrog development of Fujian and the 150 day work plan of the Quanzhou Municipal Party committee, it has fought five major battles and the work deployment of the Quanzhou Municipal Party committee, boosted confidence, worked hard and made progress, and all work has been carried out smoothly, especially the continuous growth of industrial production and frequent industrial highlights:

the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries and the improvement of the industrial chain. Clothing and footwear, food and beverage, printing and packaging, hardware and electronics continue to maintain a good momentum of development, especially the traditional textile and clothing industry presents three obvious characteristics: first, the textile and clothing machinery industry is developing rapidly, and further improve the clothing industry chain. The production scale of Yongxin, taifan, Guoding, Rongxiang, Baoxiang and other enterprises has expanded rapidly, and a large number of products are exported to Southeast Asia and other regions. Recently, three textile and garment machinery enterprises have been introduced; Second, the industry pays more attention to professional segmentation, and a number of professional brand research and development institutions and marketing institutions have emerged; Third, traditional leisure brands and sports brands pay more attention to brand operation and promotion. A number of leading clothing enterprises have launched new clothing brands, such as emperor's Likou, willanxi's 103, Edinburgh's British upstart, and a number of fashion brands have a strong momentum of development; Jiaduobao Wanglaoji, mingxianghaibao, Huabao bio pharmaceutical glucose development and a number of food additives and other food and beverage processing industries have a good momentum of development; Wanli, Jiashun, Xingang, fidelity and other printing and packaging industries have increased capital and expanded production, and introduced advanced projects such as Germany and Japan. The printing and packaging industry has a strong growth momentum; Hardware enterprises such as Hualian and Aojie, and electronic enterprises such as Tongda, Shengbang and Jiaoyang have a good momentum of development

the growth of emerging industries has accelerated and the development momentum is good. PTA was officially put into production, Haixing new biomass PTT project was about to start, the upstream industrial chain of textile and clothing made a substantial breakthrough, and the textile and clothing industrial chain was more perfect. Aoguang digital, Yongxin electric control sewing equipment, Tongxing duplex gear, Jiashun printing and packaging and other emerging industries have been completed and put into operation. Haibao biochemical, Guanxing automobile cushion, Ted led, Haohua glass tube simply supported beam impact testing machine is used to measure the impact toughness of non-metallic materials such as hard plastics, fiber reinforced composites, nylon, glass fiber reinforced plastics, ceramics, cast stone, plastic electrical insulation materials Taifan machinery and other emerging industrial projects are accelerating. Taiwan investment zone and Shishi economic and Technological Development Zone will become Shishi emerging industry clusters. At present, six emerging enterprises have settled in the Taiwan investment zone, and a number of new enterprises will settle in the Shishi economic and Technological Development Zone

supported and driven by enterprises of 100 million yuan, the growth effect is remarkable. In June, the output value of 100 industrial enterprises with an output value of billion yuan in Shishi City increased by 11.67% year-on-year, of which 82 enterprises achieved positive growth, 6 enterprises with an increase of more than 100%, and 9 enterprises with an increase of more than 50%-100%. Leading enterprises continue to play an important role: Fuguiniao, Tongda electronics, Guanxing leather, Risheng chemical, Fuxing packaging, jinmaiwang shoes, Huabao and other enterprises have seen a substantial increase in tax revenue. Six enterprises, including gage, federal Sanhe, Hualian, Dadi, Wenxing fabric and Hongsheng textile, have been rated as China's top 500 textile and garment enterprises in terms of competitiveness

accelerate the listing of enterprises, and the enthusiasm for listing is unprecedented. Conscientiously implement the "opinions of Quanzhou Municipal People's Government on further promoting the restructuring and listing of enterprises", effectively strengthen the guidance services for more than 30 listed backup enterprises, 15 enterprises have introduced intermediaries, 16 enterprises are in the process of internal standardization, and the enthusiasm of enterprises for listing is unprecedented

technological transformation has been strengthened, and energy conservation and consumption reduction have achieved remarkable results. Nearly 20 enterprises in Shishi have carried out voluntary cleaner production audits, and 11 enterprises have established reclaimed water reuse facilities with a processing capacity of 78800 tons/day. The completion and operation of Hongshan thermal power plant will realize the automatic return of Shi 7.1: the moving beam can automatically return to the initial position of the experiment, and the three centralized control areas in Shishi will provide central heating, and the boilers will be phased out; At the same time, we should speed up the layout of LNG gas supply and realize the conversion from coal to combustion. PTA and JDB oil fired boilers have begun to use natural gas. Some key projects of energy-saving and water-saving technological transformation. The above-mentioned experimental standards refer to ISO, ASTM, DIN, GB, BS, JIS and other pilot production and production in succession; A number of invention patents and process technologies with independent intellectual property rights, such as bamboo charcoal fiber and one bath dyeing method, further enhance the industry voice of Shishi's traditional industries and lead the fashion trend

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