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T-shirt printing prepress process (I)

I. Basic knowledge of T-shirt design

t-shirt design (pattern design) can be divided into active design and passive design. Active design is mainly used to produce commodity T-shirts. Designers can give full play to their subjective creativity without any restrictions. Basically, any object and any graphic art technique can be used in the creation of T-shirt patterns. Passive design mainly refers to the creative design of advertising T-shirts and tourism T-shirts that seriously affect the normal operation of enterprises and commemorative T-shirts. It should be subject to certain restrictions and be carried out under the constraint of reaching a certain intention

for T-shirt design, we must first master the basic process of T-shirt printing, and also understand the printing technology level of the producer and the T-shirt printing equipment used. For example, T-shirts with colored fabrics have always been printed with water-based mastic paint, but if the producer has mastered the production technology of thermosetting plastic printing ink and purchased the corresponding equipment (mainly T-shirt printing machine, infrared dryer, infrared T-shirt oven, etc.), he can use thermosetting ink to print T-shirts with colored fabrics for processing. The glue printing and thermosetting ink printing have different requirements for the design of the pattern. The glue can only be used for simple color block pattern printing, while the thermosetting ink can be used for transitional step printing, which can not only be used for primary color printing on white T-shirts, but also for special color printing on dark T-shirts. If the pattern designed by the designer is inconsistent with the technical process mastered by the producer, the printed pattern cannot reach the original intention and effect of the designer, or even cannot be printed at all. Therefore, T-shirt designers must be proficient in T-shirt printing process, especially excellent T-shirt designers will pay close attention to the development and technical characteristics of the latest T-shirt printing materials and printing equipment in the world, so as to produce novel and unique T-shirts with the latest scientific and technological achievements at the fastest speed

in industrialized countries, T-shirt designers are often independent professionals. They set up their own T-shirt designers or companies, and they sell their own ideas and designs to T-shirt factories, T-shirt operators, advertising companies and other customers. This solution: replace the power socket. When designing, T-shirt design companies often first consider three issues: 1 Customers' stretch testing machines are required in many industries; 2. Adopt the latest T-shirt printing technology to achieve a unique and brilliant artistic effect; 3. The best cost profit margin

color gradient printing technology has been popularized and developed rapidly in China in recent years, and plate printing technology has been gradually adopted in T-shirt printing. At the same time, the popularity and competition of computer desktop publishing system have greatly reduced the production cost of color separation and addition. Now it is very convenient and cheap for us to make color separation and addition films. This progress is like the progress from letterpress printing to offset printing in the printing industry. T-shirt designers have got rid of the design restrictions of color block patterns (except for glue printing), and have a larger creative space. Whether it is photo effect, painting effect or spray painting effect, it can now be easily reproduced on t-shirts through plate printing technology. This is the progress of contemporary science and technology, but also for T-shirt designers to master the requirements of digital technology

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