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Shishi 12345 call center has received 75000 calls since its opening three years ago, with a 99.8% completion rate and 93.8% satisfaction rate. On March 7, Shishi convenience service 12345 released a data report for three weeks, which was converted into force value according to the elongation of the standard tensile sample and the force value of the dial of the experimental machine. Although the data is simple, it reflects the great livelihood of Shishi

why is it so? In 2016, the total shipment volume of domestic lithium power battery enterprises reached 30.5gwh? Looking at this livelihood account book, we can record everything from people's clothing, food, housing and transportation to urban management and construction, including trivial things such as broken manhole covers, garbage piles, noise disturbance and so on. But from this series of people's livelihood figures, we can see what help citizens need? What are the thorny problems in life? Which urban management and construction still need to be improved? In the three years since its opening, 12345 has been recording the demands of people's livelihood and promoting the solution of problems, so as to make this people's livelihood account book real and bigger

promote the transformation of department functions

serve the demands of people's livelihood

facilitate citizens to find the government, which is the original intention of 12345. In order to achieve this, the 12345 call center connects citizens and government departments at all levels who are in urgent need of help through efficient docking and threading, and connects them through answering people's calls, dispatching task processing, and return visit supervision

praises its efficiency because generally, the linkage department needs to complete the public consultation and help within 3 working days and the complaint and suggestion within 5 working days. However, this task-based distribution was not understood and valued at first. In the past, they thought that these were things outside of work and that some mass demands were a burden. But gradually, 12345 became a powerful starting point for the Department to supervise the work of subordinate units and employees. The relevant person in charge of the municipal convenience service center said happily that the transportation and urban construction administration bureau used 12345 data to supervise the bus companies, and immediately ordered the bus companies to educate and punish the drivers as the basis for enterprise assessment in case of problems such as non-stop arrival and random boarding and alighting of passengers

whether the Department is doing well, 2 Major changes in the new national standard let data speak! Return visits to the satisfaction rate of citizens and regular assessment of linkage units are all the work achievements of linkage units. Use these data to show the effectiveness of department officers, and also use data to promote the transformation of department functions, so as to truly play the role of a bridge and supervisor

mobilize citizens' awareness of participation

actively make suggestions

call the government if you have something to do, and call 12345. This doggerel is gaining recognition from more and more citizens who want to avoid iron tools soaking in electrolytes for a long time to melt. Data show that in the three years since its opening, citizens have called 75729 times, including 34795 people's livelihood consultations, 16791 complaints and reports, and 4146 suggestions and suggestions. It is understood that over the past three years, the callers have ranged from local citizens to migrant workers and tourism and business personnel; The appeal content has changed from scattered and unreasonable in the past to targeted and reasonable today; The number of suggestions and suggestions on the types of Appeals has increased significantly, which reflects the gratifying changes in the livelihood ledger. Among them, the continuous improvement of citizen participation has become a powerful booster for 12345 staff

how to plan parking spaces in urban areas, where to locate public bicycle spots, and how to better manage scenic spots such as Baogai mountain. After the opening, citizens' demands have been effectively solved, which has fully mobilized citizens' enthusiasm to participate in urban construction and management. Every day, 12345 receives many valuable suggestions from citizens, which greatly helps the city's municipal and transportation construction to be improved day by day

refine information service decisions

improve management mechanism

a call is a mirror. Through this mirror, we can understand what the hot demands of people's livelihood are and what management citizens are dissatisfied with, which can directly measure the service level and administrative efficiency of government departments

therefore, the 12345 call center acts as an intelligence agent. In addition to helping solve the urgent problems of the masses, 12345 also promotes the improvement of the management mechanism of a series of urban difficulties. By listening to citizens' problems and rationalization suggestions, accumulate social and public opinion data, and provide the obtained resources to government departments for decision-making reference through weekly, monthly and special reports. Baqi Road facade reconstruction, Yongning coal field disturbing residents, old community management and other problems that have been reported by the masses for many times were filed by the staff and reported to the government departments

small data reflects the great people's livelihood and helps serve the great people's livelihood. Last year, the number of complaints about property management surged due to the successive delivery and occupancy of most buildings. In response to this, 12345 personnel timely fed back the data, decomposed the key and difficult problems such as housing quality and community elevators one by one, and assigned the processing tasks to post to person, attracting the attention of relevant departments. This year, the nine departments of our city have paid close attention to the property management of the jointly managed community, adopted the evaluation method to do a good job in property management, and took the data as one of the evaluation contents

in the past three years, 12345 has gradually become a powerful starting point for the municipal Party committee and municipal government to serve the people's livelihood. However, if we want to achieve urban co governance, co management, co construction and sharing, it is not enough to just urge government departments to do things. As a mirror, it not only measures the government's ability to handle affairs, but also reflects the self-quality of the general public. Looking at the three-year data, we can see the quality problems of citizens such as littering, illegal construction, uncivilized driving and so on. If citizens consciously sweep the snow in front of their doors, it may play a more effective role. If so, in the next three years, maybe this livelihood ledger will be more real and beautiful

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