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Shipbuilding Industry: strengthen technological innovation around market demand

the shipbuilding completion volume in Jingjiang, Jiangsu increased significantly in 2009. The picture shows workers of Jiangsu Jingjiang Antai Power Machinery Co., Ltd. loading ship engines

in the face of future challenges, China's shipbuilding industry will strive to make breakthroughs in improving the ability of independent innovation, and provide support for achieving the goal of high-tech and high added value ships through various signal processing to occupy 20% of the world market share and 10% of the market share of offshore engineering equipment by 2011

recently, the 388000 ton super large ore carrier No. 1 built by Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. officially started construction. The ship is a new type of ship developed for market demand, with excellent performance of energy saving, environmental protection, high speed, strong transport capacity and so on

the relevant person in charge of Bohai shipping told that in order to cope with the impact of the international financial crisis, Bohai shipping has increased its independent innovation efforts, and effectively overcome the difficulties brought by the international financial crisis to the development of enterprises through innovation in technology research and management

"in the face of the impact of the international financial crisis, the adverse impact of the gap in scientific and technological strength on industrial development is more prominent." A shipping expert analyzed that under the market downturn, shipowners have more stringent requirements on ship type technical and economic indicators, safety, environmental protection and other aspects, and more stringent requirements on construction quality, which puts forward higher requirements on the technological development ability of shipping enterprises

in response to the adverse effects of the international financial crisis, China issued the "plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the shipbuilding industry" in early 2009, which proposed to speed up independent innovation in the important position of the shipbuilding industry "maintaining growth, adjusting structure and promoting development". Shipbuilding enterprises have also increased the intensity of technological innovation and structural adjustment, effectively promoting the overall stable economic operation of China's shipbuilding industry in 2009

relevant experts suggested that in the next step, the scientific research and development of China's shipbuilding industry should focus on the needs of industrial development, focusing on the following four aspects, especially making new breakthroughs in improving the ability of independent innovation

first, we should speed up the optimization and upgrading of ship types, improve the design performance and quality of ship products, develop brand ship types that automatically return to the initial position of the experiment after the completion of technical and economic experiments, with advanced performance indicators and high cost performance, do fine market segmentation, improve international competitiveness, and provide technical support for the ship industry to deliver ships on schedule and with good quality, as well as to undertake new ship orders

the second is to expand the product range and optimize the product structure. First, we should comply with the diversified needs of the market and carry out the research, development and design of highly customized ships and special ships. Secondly, improve the independent research and development, design and construction capacity of high-tech ships and offshore engineering equipment, and provide support for the goal of achieving the goal of 20% market share of high-tech high value-added ships in the world market and 10% market share of offshore engineering equipment by 2011. Thirdly, we should focus on the development of major product research and development and core key technology research that can significantly promote the structural upgrading in order to correctly exit the system level and improve the added value, especially the key technology of product design and manufacturing aimed at safety, environmental protection, high efficiency and energy conservation, and actively develop environmentally friendly, energy-saving and composite ships, so as to seize the market opportunity when the ship market improves in the future

third, we should focus on supporting the independent research and development of ship supporting equipment, and further promote the localization, seriation research, integrated technology research of key supporting equipment to meet the needs of ship product structure upgrading and offshore engineering equipment, as well as the research and development of independent brand marine equipment. Grasp the opportunity of ship market adjustment and promote the coordinated development of ship supporting industry and shipbuilding industry

fourth, we should strengthen the research on basic common technologies. In order to improve the rapidity, accuracy and quality of product design, the main problem is quantity, and carry out basic generic technology research; Comply with the development trend of world ship science and technology, develop safety, environmental protection, high efficiency, energy conservation and emission reduction technologies, focus on enhancing long-term competitiveness, and lay a more solid foundation for the continuous improvement of scientific and technological level and the sustainable development of the industry

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