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Dalian heavy industry equipment has been put into use in Vale phase I project. What are its use skills, protection and maintenance? Now let's introduce the skills, protection and maintenance of the bellows ring stiffness testing machine. Dalian heavy industry equipment has been put into use in Vale phase I project. The loading and unloading division of the subordinate unit of Dalian heavy industry has designed and manufactured 11 stacker reclaimer equipment for vale company in Brazil. At present, the three 8000 T/h rotary stackers manufactured for vale phase I project have all been installed in the field of new materials, It is now officially put into use, running well, and has been highly appreciated by users

it is understood that the stacker reclaimer equipment is a high-efficiency equipment for continuous loading and unloading of modern industrial bulk bulk bulk materials. It is widely used in the stacker reclaimer operation of bulk material (ore, coal, coke, sand and gravel) storage yards in ports, wharfs, metallurgy, cement, steel plants and so on. Since the production of China's first bucket wheel stacker reclaimer in 1967, Dalian Sinovel Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. has accumulated rich experience in design and manufacturing, and can provide large-scale bulk material handling equipment of various specifications and types. Its design and manufacturing level has reached the world advanced level

vale of Brazil, founded on June 1st, 1942, is the world's largest iron ore producer and exporter. This cooperation with Dalian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is completely attracted by the excellent working conditions of heavy industry equipment specified in the large-scale experimental method, and has laid a solid foundation for future cooperation

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