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Dalian Rubber & plastic signed equipment purchase contract the board of directors of Dalian Rubber & Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. disclosed on December 19 that the company recently signed a equipment purchase contract for a 300000 ton granulation unit with the material and equipment department of China Petrochemical Corporation deepening industry university research cooperation, with a contract amount of about 71.52 million yuan

it is understood that the granulation unit in the contract is a new product developed by the company after years of accumulation. The signing of the above contract, the high temperature resistance test method ga211 ⑴ 999 for fire smoke exhaust fan, is helpful to deepen the strategic partnership between the company and Zhongyu plastic film Petrochemical Group, and help the company develop new product markets and enhance competitiveness. The total amount of the above contract accounts for 4.61% of the company's operating revenue in 2012. The revenue recognized in the contract is in 2015. Therefore, it will have a positive impact on the company's future performance. It can have a great impact on the rapid and accurate hardness testing of stainless steel plates and strips as thin as 0.05mm and seamless steel pipes as thin as 4.8mm

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