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Dalian Xingke carbon fiber products appeared at the New Materials Expo

at the New Materials Expo held in Harbin recently, Dalian's new materials enterprises were attracting attention as measuring equipment items in many industries. It was learned that at the exhibition, a well-known bicycle manufacturer in China found a new material enterprise in Dalian to jointly build a domestic top-level carbon fiber bicycle

the cost of carbon fiber bicycles has caught up with that of cars.

"at the new Expo, some domestic well-known bicycle manufacturers, solar energy heating equipment manufacturers and other enterprises approached our enterprises, and some material manufacturers hope to jointly develop and produce new materials with us." Xiaoying, general manager of Dalian Xingke Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd., said

at the exhibition, a bicycle enterprise came to look for alternative materials for bicycle girders. "At present, in the international top cycling events, the frame of the mainstream racing bicycle is" if you look at the carbon fiber material of the vehicle seat. Compared with the traditional material, the bicycle with carbon fiber as the body has high strength and light weight. Its strength is 7~9 times that of steel, and its weight is only 1/4~1/5 that of steel. Because carbon fiber is a new material, its "output has not been fully scaled, The cost of industrial transformation and upgrading is relatively high. The cost of a carbon fiber bicycle is 7-10 times higher than that of a traditional bicycle, which can be compared with the cost of a low-grade car. "

, fishing rod is also equipped with carbon fiber

at the same time that the first China New Expo was held, a well-known brand manufacturer launched a carbon fiber fuselage in China. Light weight, beautiful appearance and no wear have become one of the main selling points of this model. Because of the new materials, the price of this model is at least twice that of its peers, reaching more than 7000 yuan. "As a new material, carbon fiber is actually widely used." Xiaoying said, "At this exhibition, there are also manufacturers specializing in solar energy heat collection equipment who hope to cooperate with us to produce solar energy heat collection devices with carbon fiber. There are also manufacturers of fishing rods and golf clubs who are close to the common people. In building materials, carbon fiber is also used. Some manufacturers of basalt materials hope to work with us to develop basalt and carbon fiber composite materials. In addition, in construction, they hope to strengthen the bridge Buildings can also use carbon fiber. In the future, carbon fiber will be a substitute for steel. "

it is learned that Dalian Xingke is currently the only enterprise in China that has completely independent intellectual property rights of carbon fiber, and also the only enterprise that has a complete carbon fiber industry chain. A thousand ton carbon fiber production line of the enterprise is being installed and commissioned, and will be put into operation by the end of this year

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