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On January 20, it was learned from the Municipal Economic Commission that the city developed more than 1600 new products last year, 80% of which were equipment manufacturing. New progress has been made in the construction of enterprise technology centers, adding one national enterprise technology center, eight provincial enterprise technology centers and 11 municipal enterprise technology centers

Dalian has formed a situation that enterprises' independent innovation has superior acoustic performance, electrical performance and chemical resistance to promote the adjustment of industrial structure, thus forming a new industrial base. At present, nuclear power, wind power, crankshaft, CNC machine tools and other new industrial bases are beginning to take shape

according to Liu Yan, director of the Municipal Economic Commission, the formation of the new industrial base is the result of the joint innovation and integration of Dalian equipment manufacturing enterprises around the production chain of the new industry; At the same time, it is also the result of the high concentration of relevant enterprises and the division of production cooperation

in recent years, relying on the 16 major key projects of the national "Eleventh Five Year Plan", Dalian has promoted the innovation of major new projects, and actively promoted the construction of a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market as the guide, and the combination of industry, University and research. Last year, Dalian supported 48 industry university research cooperation projects, and 23 platform projects achieved remarkable results. For example, the pure electric vehicle project jointly developed by Hengtian company, FAW Dake and Tsinghua University has made new breakthroughs in key technologies such as motor and controller; The automobile magnesium alloy welded structural parts jointly developed by the University of science and technology, FAW casting and Jinmei new materials have filled the domestic gap. Through various ways of innovation, the enterprise has mastered a number of core technologies and rapidly improved its competitiveness

heavy industry · hoisting introduced, digested and absorbed 1 Yichengxinneng has made breakthroughs in the R & D and localization of key components such as booster engine, wheel hub and electronic control system through a series of capital operation of 5MW wind turbine units, with the localization rate reaching more than 80%; Wazhou group has overcome the core technologies such as high reliability, sealing structure and anti-corrosion technology of wind turbine rotary table bearing, and has become the most powerful wind turbine bearing manufacturing enterprise in China

the new generation of high-power, high-speed and precision motorized spindle developed by the machine tool group, with comprehensive performance ranking the leading level of similar products in China; The hollow strong cooling ball screw pair can improve the positioning accuracy of CNC machine tools by 50% and fill the gap in China. By 2030, the aluminum consumption of a single car will exceed 350kg. Guangyang technology has developed the second generation of high-end CNC system with international advanced level and full digital bus; The five (multi) axis CNC system developed by four enterprises, namely, machine tool group, Guangyang technology, Dasen CNC and Dongxin automation, began to be equipped with domestic CNC machine tools. The second phase of the construction of the industrialization base of CNC machine tools and functional components of the machine tool group realizes the mass production of motorized spindles and ball screws

heavy industry · hoisting and reopening, for example, has developed the first nuclear island circular bridge crane with independent intellectual property rights for million KW nuclear power plants in China. 8 sets have been ordered for Ling'ao, Hongyanhe and Ningde nuclear power projects, ending the dependence on imports of such products; Dalian First Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. took the lead in developing pressure vessels for million kilowatt pressurized water reactor nuclear power in China, breaking the technological monopoly of foreign countries; Dalian enterprises such as deep blue pump and Dagao valve have independently developed a batch of nuclear grade products such as nuclear pumps and nuclear valves, which have been designated as supporting products for nuclear power projects by the state

with the first marine crankshaft of heavy industry · hoisting coming off the line and the series production of 400 foot jack up drilling platforms of Shipbuilding Heavy Industry, Dalian shipbuilding industry has not only formed a complete "shaft machine ship" industrial chain, but also formed a pattern of common development of shipbuilding and offshore engineering. The construction of COSCO Shipping marine engineering and other projects, the launch of COSCO shipbuilding project, the construction of Singapore Wanbang marine engineering and a number of ship supporting industry projects have laid a solid foundation for Dalian to realize the dream of the world's largest shipbuilding base

at the same time of independent innovation, Dalian has also formed a new industrial base around the industrial chain in the process of investment attraction and investment selection. For example, represented by a number of auto parts enterprises such as Volkswagen FAW 300000 car engines and Deutz Diesel engine project, Dalian has become one of the largest auto engine and parts manufacturing bases in China

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