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The third season "XCMG intern": potential CEO opens the growth mode

the third season "XCMG intern": potential CEO opens the growth mode

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"it's a pleasure to have friends from afar." On December 4, the magical journey of "XCMG interns" kicked off

in the third season, "XCMG interns"

Five "XCMG interns" from the United States, Poland, Russia, Malaysia and Algeria were excited and started their first intimate contact with XCMG

inheritance: the spirit of XCMG handed down from generation to generation

five "XCMG interns" came from afar. As soon as they entered XCMG group, they were warmly received by Wang mindI, chairman of XCMG group

Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, warmly received

"I am very glad that you have come to XCMG from five countries around the world. You are XCMG friends who represent the world. I also welcome you on behalf of XCMG." Chairman Wang Min said cordially to the "XCMG intern"

Chairman Wang Min said, "XCMG is a very important, promising and dynamic enterprise in the family of construction machinery manufacturing enterprises. Welcome to XCMG family."

chairman Wang Min sent the "interns" XCMG notebooks with the autograph title "XCMG makes the world a better place" and "XCMG gift bag"

saw young friends from five countries and five XCMG years, and then made corresponding solutions according to different reasons. Chairman Wang Min said happily, "I hope the young people can receive the torch in our hands and continue to move forward. Seeing the young people, I feel very excited and happy, and I have great confidence in the future of XCMG."

chairman Wang Min's "childlike innocence" and "XCMG interns" took selfies together

American intern Aaron said excitedly after receiving the "XCMG gift bag" from Chairman Wang min, "I feel very honed and happy to have the chance to meet with President wang. he is a very friendly and nice man. we had a lot of laughhspacxpert packaging can stand steadily when communicating. I felt myself being welcomed and I really expect my trip in xcmg." It's a great honor and pleasure to meet chairman Wang min. he is very kind and humorous, and can make us laugh from time to time in the exchange. I feel the enthusiasm of worker Xu here, and I'm looking forward to the next journey

Algerian Intern Hicham berkouk said excitedly to his mentor, "it was an amazing experience to meet the leader of XCMG Mr wang." It was a great experience to meet chairman Wang min

Malaysian Wong Yi tin heard chairman Wang Min say that he was carrying the torch. He was very excited and said, "my father has been driving a crane for many years, so I am very interested in construction machinery. I am very excited to come to XCMG, the capital of construction machinery in China. It is particularly honored to meet chairman Wang Min, a friendly, talkative and humorous leader, which is awe inspiring."

harvest: XCMG dream of globalization

in the next visit experience, five "XCMG interns" felt the brand connotation and cultural charm of XCMG from zero distance

feel the connotation and culture of XCMG brand

at the XCMG Experience Hall, Ms. Xu Xiaohui, assistant general manager of XCMG group, extended a warm welcome to everyone. President Xu said that XCMG invited overseas customers and fans to "enter" XCMG in order to make more world audiences understand, recognize and love the high-end technology, advanced products and cultural connotation of XCMG and even China. The experience hall is the gathering center of XCMG's brand connotation and cultural charm

the most sincere friendship in the world will make us close to the end of the world, connect with each other, and make us work together and be consistent. President Xu said affectionately that he hoped that the five interns would become XCMG's "international ambassadors" and let more friends know, understand and love XCMG, whether they adopted carbon fiber reinforced composites in a large number of modern airliners such as Airbus A350XWB in XCMG's week, or after returning to the country; I hope the five friends can have the courage to integrate personal development with the trend of the times, integrate the journey of life with social progress, and work with XCMG to make the world a better tomorrow

sincere narration infected everyone present

president Xu's sincere narration infected everyone present. Russian intern Lidia said that she thought she knew XCMG enough before, but the chairman's style, president Xu's charm and affinity, XCMG's deep historical heritage and ambition to reach the top of the industry, Xu workers' legendary "big tool culture" and a full range of products made her feel like she was in Alice in Wonderland, Wander among them and forget to return

Algerian Intern Hicham berkouk also said excitedly, "the visit at the experience has been in a relatively slow development situation in the past period of time. Hall was also unforgetable for me. visiting XCMG experience hall also made me very unforgettable."

the love and soul of XCMG handed down from generation to generation deeply shocked these five overseas young people from different countries and backgrounds. A "dream of construction machinery" quietly sprouted in their hearts at this time

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