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Sany famous enterprises "prepare for" the sixth Hunan Expo

Sany famous enterprises "prepare for" the sixth Hunan Expo

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the sixth "agricultural machinery, mining machinery, electronic ceramic products Expo" (hereinafter referred to as "Hunan Expo") will be held in Loudi from November 6 to 8 this year. The organizing committee said that many enterprises represented by SANY will participate in the first enterprise resource integration Summit Forum and E-commerce Development Summit Forum in Hunan Province to realize the organic combination of product display and commodity trading, investment attraction and trade negotiation, on-site observation and brainstorming, and promote the expansion and strengthening of traditional characteristic industries

this "Hunan Expo" set up five exhibitions: agricultural machinery, mining machinery and intelligent manufacturing, electronic ceramics, famous and high-quality products, and e-commerce, which made the cultural and sports tourism work of China and Mongolia more solid, and invited "nearly 1000 domestic and foreign production enterprises and more than 2000 professional purchasers to participate in the Expo. At present, the European Union has decided to organize a professional procurement team of more than 30 people to attend the meeting, and more than 60 senior officials at the ministerial level and above and senior executives of industry associations in some countries mainly along the "the Belt and Road" have also preliminarily decided to attend the meeting

"Hunan then close the oil delivery valve Expo" has become an important economic and trade platform connecting ASEAN countries since it was first held in 2009. Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and other countries will send government officials and important businessmen to participate in each session to carry out project negotiation and technical cooperation

the theme of this "Hunan Expo" is "cultivating characteristics and transforming development". During the Expo, business negotiations, project signing, summit forums, on-site subsidies for agricultural machinery and other activities will be held

among them, farmers who purchase agricultural machinery during the exhibition will receive cumulative subsidies: that is, on the basis of 30% of the national subsidies, the people's Government of Loudi City will subsidize farmers who purchase four categories of agricultural machinery produced in Loudi, including harvesting machinery, tillage and land preparation machinery, grain dryers, and rice transplanters, by 3%, and the people's Government of Shuangfeng County will subsidize farmers who purchase agricultural machinery produced in Shuangfeng and Shuangfeng by 5% on the basis of cumulative national and municipal subsidies, Farmers can get up to 38% subsidy for purchasing agricultural machinery

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