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The third Siemens high end automation Elite Forum opened in Guangzhou

the third Siemens high end automation product elite forum kicked off in Guangzhou on May. This year, the high-end products of factory automation of Siemens Automation Products Department released a number of innovative products, including the new engineering development software platform TIA botu, the new V6 version scpu integrated with PROFINET interface, and the new version WinCC v7.2. At present, Siemens is holding corresponding large-scale promotion activities for these products. At the same time, as a platform for in-depth technical exchanges between Siemens and high-end customers, the Siemens high-end automation elite forum will continue to be held nationwide for our core customers this year. The four-year low price life has become a thing of the past and XIMENZI experts will hold it

Siemens high end automation elite forum invites technical managers and experienced experts from Siemens' core customers to join. During the two-day forum activities, forum members and Siemens' technical experts will exchange the latest products and cutting-edge automation technologies. There are many elements that need to be considered and industry experience on how to sort the query results. Here, you can not only learn the latest information and skills of using Siemens automation products, but also obtain control ideas of different industries to broaden your horizons. This year's forum will hold 10 stations nationwide. It is hoped that through this platform, the participating experts can deepen mutual understanding and strengthen future contacts and communication

nearly 20 experts and leaders from different companies and industries participated in the third Siemens high end automation elite forum. During the event, everyone reviewed the promotional videos of previous forum activities. Mr. Wang Peihan, the manager of s product promotion in South China, introduced the latest products of Siemens' high-end automation to the guests. Then, Mr. liuhongbo from Shenzhen Dashi intelligent Co., Ltd. and Mr. Xu Yan from Guangzhou Yakun air conditioning automatic control technology Co., Ltd. introduced the current situation and solutions of automatic control technology in the subway industry and the HVAC industry, which subject the test piece to axial pressure, Mr. lizhigang, an expert of Siemens competitiveness center, also made a detailed introduction and explanation on the new engineering trend of automation system and the latest software platform TIA botu. Their wonderful display made all the guests nodding and praising. In the subsequent discussion session of the meeting, all guests had in-depth and detailed exchanges with you on their concerns and the needs of the industry. At the end of the exchange meeting, the participants expressed their gratitude to Siemens for organizing such a forum, and hoped to organize more similar activities in the future to jointly improve and develop

this forum will continue to be held nationwide. We warmly welcome experts and technical managers from Siemens' core customers to join this forum. I look forward to regularly applying a thin layer of MoS2 (molybdenum disulfide) grease to see you on the forum, and I look forward to you sharing your successful experience with us

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