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Third party monitoring is gradually becoming a trend. The development of environmental protection industry has a long way to go.

environmental information disclosure has become a highlight of environmental protection this year. The development of environmental monitoring instrument industry is protected by policies. Nowadays, various environmental pollution incidents occur frequently. When safety incidents occur, the involvement of third-party testing institutions can not only increase the fairness and neutrality of the identification results, but also make people more convinced

Zhejiang Pinghu water control introduced third-party monitoring

Jiangnan Water township is densely covered with water. Under the current situation of few environmental monitoring personnel, lack of equipment and limited capacity, how to fairly, accurately and timely reflect the water quality of the river has become a difficult problem faced by the grass-roots environmental protection departments. Pinghu City, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, has innovated ideas, actively introduced third-party monitoring, and created a new pattern of scientific water control

in order to ensure the reliability of environmental monitoring data, Pinghu Environmental Protection Bureau has formulated relevant assessment methods to assess the work efficiency, work specifications, management mechanism, etc. of third-party monitoring institutions. In the process of comprehensively promoting scientific water control, Pinghu Environmental Protection Bureau commissioned a third-party monitoring company to regularly carry out water quality monitoring of 32 monitoring points at the two exit sections of qingyanghui and Xiaoxin village and their surrounding environment, analyze the causes of water environment changes, predict trends, and study countermeasures

the relevant person in charge of Pinghu Environmental Protection Bureau said that the introduction of third-party monitoring has saved a lot of resources and time for water control, which is conducive to the environmental protection department to focus on the key points. At the same time, with the participation of the measuring device society, the objectivity and impartiality of water environment monitoring data will be more guaranteed

third party operation of environmental monitoring is gradually becoming a trend.

as a major part of the environmental protection industry in the 12th Five Year Plan, environmental monitoring can not only present graphite. From the current situation of the instrument industry, the attention of "light utilization" of olefins is limited to the narrow space of PM2.5 monitoring. According to the 12th Five Year Plan for environmental protection, the total investment demand for environmental monitoring during the 12th Five Year Plan period will reach 100billion yuan

there have always been some well-known problems in the instrument market, which seem to be particularly prominent in environmental monitoring instruments. Different from other industries, the environmental industry has its particularity. If the manufacturer of Party A does not control the pollution emission in the production process according to the national standards, let the enterprise without technology and ability get the project as Party B, and fill it with unqualified instruments and equipment and environmental protection products, the pollution treatment will not achieve the desired effect, which will not damage the manufacturer's production, but the consequences are more serious, The society will bear the consequences of excessive emissions and environmental pollution

in recent years, the contracted environmental service model has been increasingly regarded by people of insight in the industry as the main focus of upgrading the business model of environmental protection enterprises. An expert from the Department of environment of Tsinghua University said that this mode is embodied in the introduction of a third-party operation mode in the field of environmental monitoring. The introduction of a third-party entity independent of the tested enterprise and the environmental protection department will not only eliminate the previous wrangling between owners and monitoring equipment providers on data accuracy in the field of environmental monitoring, but also make the environmental monitoring equipment providers upgrade to comprehensive environmental monitoring service providers, which is more competitive and profitable than simply selling monitoring products

a securities analyst who has been tracking the environmental monitoring market for a long time also believes that an important part of the 12th Five Year Plan for environmental protection is to strengthen the construction of environmental monitoring capacity. One of the feasible ways is to help the government improve the efficiency of environmental monitoring operation and maintenance by introducing third-party qualified enterprises and establishing joint ventures with municipal governments below the prefecture level. From this point of view, the third-party operation will be promoted by specific policies in the future and is expected to be fully introduced to the market. In the United States, there are more than 400 monitoring stations, and almost all of them are invested and operated by professional third-party commercial institutions. The operation of these institutions is very dynamic, which is completely worth learning from in China. The analyst said

various cases show that China's environmental pollution monitoring has shown a trend of turning to third-party operations, followed by changes in customer groups from manufacturing enterprises to third-party environmental protection enterprises, which is very worthy of the attention of environmental monitoring instrument manufacturers. Instrument manufacturers also have more ways and opportunities to cooperate with environmental protection enterprises

it is worth noting that the third-party operation mode requires the operation structure to have a strong financing ability, which undoubtedly still has a great test for the environmental monitoring enterprises with generally insufficient cash flow at present. Relevant experts generally suggested that the best way to solve the financing problem is to increase the intensity of financial subsidies as much as possible, and to speed up the introduction of social capital to establish environmental protection industry funds. Large scale investment in environmental protection subdivisions with clear business models and good profit prospects can be divided into axial extension, horizontal extension and sandwich extension. Environmental monitoring can be listed as one of the key investment areas

facing the increasingly serious environmental pollution problem, we actively face and solve it. It seems that it is not as simple as we thought. China's environmental monitoring business model is backward, and the third-party operation model requires the operation structure to have a strong financing ability. At present, the capital is limited, so we can only say that the environmental protection industry has a long way to go, and people still need to work hard

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