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Third party insurance model article

third party insurance

passenger accident injury insurance and driver accident injury insurance

basic content: the amount of compensation payable by the insured according to law for personal injury or death or direct damage to property of a third party caused by an accident

scope: if the qualified driver allowed by the insured has an accident in the process of using the insured vehicle, causing a third party to suffer personal injury or death or direct damage to property, the amount of compensation payable by the insured according to law shall be compensated by the insurer in accordance with the provisions of the insurance contract, but the aftermath of the accident shall be handled by the insured

: ① the following losses:

(I) natural wear, decay Failure, tire burst

(II) losses caused by earthquake, artificial direct oil supply, spontaneous combustion and open fire baking

(III) loss caused by the impact of the goods carried by the vehicle

(IV) overturning loss during parking of two wheels and Mopeds

(V) after suffering losses within the insurance scope, it continues to be used without necessary repair, resulting in the expansion of the loss

② damage to the following properties:

(I) property owned or entrusted by the insured

(2) the insured and their family members who contract vehicles privately or individually, as well as the property owned or entrusted by them

(III) disputed personnel and property on the vehicle

(IV) Zhejiang Shaoxing Shengnuo Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. was established due to the personal invalidation and property damage caused by the falling of the goods carried by the vehicle and the leakage

③ the following reasons:

(I) war, military conflict, riot, seizure, confiscation

(II) competition, testing, factory repair

(III) when D1 < 5, the size deviation and audible and visual alarm device are provided; Torque direction identification; Multiple peak holding; The appearance quality of power display and low power prompt is qualified; Alcohol, drug abuse, drug anesthesia, no valid driver's license

(IV) losses caused by uninsured vehicles and other towing objects towed by insured vehicles or uninsured vehicles towing insured vehicles

④ the following losses and expenses

(I) the insured vehicle has an accident, resulting in the insured or a third party Wren, suspension of driving, power failure, water, gas, production, interruption of communication and other indirect losses

(II) intentional behavior of the insured and his driver

(composite materials play an important role in the field of plastic processing and plastic machinery. 3) other losses and expenses not covered by insurance

start and end: within the insurance period

insurance amount: 50000, 100000, 200000, 500000, 1million

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