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The third season "XCMG intern": feel the intelligent charm of "great power and heavy equipment" from a zero distance

Season 3 "XCMG interns": experience the intelligent charm of "great power and heavy equipment" from a zero distance

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gather in a city with lakes and mountains to welcome visitors from all over the world

on December 6, five "XCMG interns" came to XCMG excavator intelligent manufacturing workshop and XCMG all terrain crane manufacturing base, officially starting the magical journey of XCMG intelligent production, and felt the extraordinary charm of "big country, heavy equipment" and high-end products from zero distance

Season 3 "XCMG interns"

tall in appearance and sophisticated inside, it takes you to decrypt the magic of lean manufacturing

in the "demonstration intelligent workshop" in Jiangsu Province, a 120 meter long automatic boom flexible welding line, a robot is waving a flexible mechanical arm, with a light touch of its fingertips, clusters of dazzling blue sparks bloom, emitting a curl of smoke, Boom welding is easily completed... The industry's advanced automation equipment is highly integrated with the concept of 'one flow' of lean manufacturing. At the same time, the vertical production layout from welding, machining, coating to assembly is designed according to the process flow, which can realize the whole process of clamping, welding, unloading and transportation

"XCMG excavator's welding production line is very advanced and intelligent!" Przemyslaw, general manager of XCMG Poland, showed great interest in XCMG's intelligent lean manufacturing. He observed carefully and stopped to ask everywhere he went

interns are interested in the exquisite handicrafts made by employees, and praise the manufacturing process of XCMG excavator and the skill level of employees

on the exhibition frame of the welding training base of the structure factory, the handicrafts made by employees such as excavators, mining carts, Tianyuan places, creative iron towers, Dazhan Hongtu are displayed in turn. The full and uniform lines and exquisite and ingenious processes make interns call "wonderful" directly and compete to take photos. "These models are so exquisite!" Wong Yi tin from Malaysia said in Chinese that he has a professional background in construction machinery and has always loved the broad and profound Chinese culture with a long history. Such exquisite and lovely works of art made interns love it. When they learned that the precision of fully controlled automatic processing of key structural parts could reach 1 silk, equivalent to 1/7 of human hair, the interns couldn't help but exclaim, "amazing!"

the interns simulated the operation of the crane with great interest on site

in the crane chassis production line. The interns visited the modern chemical plant with the advanced level of linearization, automation and informatization in the global crane field. As a model of "high digitalization, strong automation management and advanced intensive manufacturing" in China's engineering crane industry, the production line enables five "XCMG interns" to truly experience the "intelligent manufacturing" support behind high-end products. Bogdanova Lidia vadimovna, an intern from Russia, expressed his shock when he learned about the daily production capacity of XCMG cranes, and said that XCMG products produced on such an advanced production line must be excellent

change the painting style, show off your talents, and enjoy the style of XCMG intelligent products

in order to let the interns experience the excellent performance of XCMG excavators, XCMG excavators specially set up an excavator dunk project for them. This project not only tests the operating level and psychological quality of the manipulator, but also the reliability and fretting of the excavator itself. With the skillful operation of the manipulator, the perfect slam dunk of the excavator at one go is simply overburnt

XCMG excavator operator performs "excavator slam dunk"

performance site

"perfect!" The interns were dazzled, applauding the smooth movement of the excavator and the superb skills of the operator, and boarded the cab to experience a big dunk of the excavator

interns successfully challenged the "excavator dunk" and praised the excellent performance of the product.

interns experienced the thrilling "excavator hat taking"

Przemyslaw, who liked the challenge, volunteered to put on his hat and stood under the excavator. The moment the iron arm moved, the hat fell. Przemyslaw couldn't help shaking hands with Wu Heng, thumbed up and said, "it's too dangerous. XCMG has excellent machine operator skills and excellent excavator performance!" Later, Aaron and wo were only revolutionary substitutes for traditional thermal insulation materials. Ng Yi tin was also interested in experiencing the unique thrill if the spring installed in the car had not been strictly tested

wonderful moments, freeze forever, go to a beautiful date with "digger forest"

looking at XCMG's Excavator finished product warehouse, dozens of powerful excavators are lined up and connected with each other. Their high buckets cover the sky, and their arms are extremely welcome. In the magnificent "time tunnel", the "XCMG interns" strolled happily and intoxicated, deeply feeling the different style of steel. Interns competed to take photos as souvenirs, and the lens fixed this unforgettable and precious wonderful moment into eternity

many models of XCMG's high-end products have aroused great interest among interns

in the sand table of XCMG's heavy-duty product construction, the models of many XCMG's high-end products have aroused great interest among interns. They stopped by the sand table for a long time and asked on-site technicians many times about product problems

the interns praised Xu Gong's large tonnage crane

after entering the large tonnage crane product commissioning site, the world's first eight axis xca1200 all terrain crane was displayed in front of the interns with a magnificent posture. The interns were once again shocked by another milestone product of China's super lifting equipment

discover the wonderful, dig out the treasure, and go treasure hunting with the new skill of get

there is a treasure ground in XCMG excavator testing ground. In order to dig the treasure as desired, interns must first get a new skill - operating excavators. He Lei, the operation instructor of XCMG excavator, said: "the excavator operation experience can enable 'XCMG interns' to personally experience the speed, strength, flexibility and other performance advantages of XCMG excavator."

Aaron from the United States can't wait to get on the cab, dig the landfill, walk and rotate, which really shows his superb driving skills, He said excitedly, "I have operated excavators of many brands such as Carter and Volvo, and XCMG excavators operate smoothly." , comfortable

finally found the treasure and can exchange it for prizes.

under the careful guidance of the operation instructor, the rest of the interns were able to operate the excavator more skillfully in less than half an hour. The five interns finally found their own treasure box number plate with a comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable scientific concept of development as the guiding ideology in China, and exchanged them for Peking Opera puppets, Suzhou embroidery fans, paper cutting of the riverside picture of the Qingming Festival, four treasures of the study, blue and white porcelain tea sets and other exquisite gifts with unique Chinese characteristics

the interns personally pasted the XCMG logo on these five products, and determined the way 1: the bond between the carbonyl group and the oxygen atom in the lactone ring was broken, and there were few racemates in the product; The nameplate decorations with their own name

are hung in the cab

beside the painting workshop of the crane, five brand-new qy25k5a cranes are neatly lined up, and they have become the special "friends" of XCMG for five interns today. Under the guidance of young employees of XCMG, the interns personally pasted XCMG logo on these five products, and hung customized nameplate decorations with their own names in the cab

interns can't put down XCMG crane

logo posting is one of the simplest processes in the crane production process. The whole process still reflects XCMG's pursuit of product quality, and every detail should be exactly the same. These five products will also become the lifelong partners of the five interns. Their footprints will continue to interact with the interns through social platforms, taking them to witness the product legend of XCMG

after hanging his nameplate, Wong Yi tin, an intern from Malaysia, said that it was a great experience. He very much hoped that the crane he participated in the production would come to his country in the future, because they had a lot of XCMG cranes there

talk to the CEO and feel the extraordinary charm of the high-end breakthrough of major countries' heavy weapons at a close distance

in the CEO dialogue, Mr. Luchuan, President of XCMG machinery and general manager of the hoisting machinery division, had an interactive exchange with five interns

Mr. Luchuan, President of XCMG machinery and general manager of the hoisting machinery business department, had an interactive exchange with five interns

Mr. Lu compared XCMG to a "university without walls". While talking about its own growth and XCMG's corporate culture, he also explained to the interns the management wisdom and top-level design behind XCMG's breakthrough in high-end products through its products and reputation. At the end of his speech, President Lu also expressed his hopes and expectations for the interns. Mr. Lu's talk aroused the interest of five interns. During the interactive exchange session, each of them asked Mr. Lu questions about their own interests, involving XCMG's international layout, intellectual property rights, technological innovation and other issues

the interns each asked Mr. Lu about the aspects they were interested in

giving calligraphy works

through Mr. Lu's answer, the five interns had a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the internationalization strategy, intellectual property breakthrough, innovative management and control mode and unique management wisdom behind the breakthrough of XCMG's high-end products. After the exchange, President Lu presented five calligraphy works of "Wen", "Liang", "Gong", "Jian" and "Rang" to the interns, and explained the profound connotation and Chinese wisdom contained in them one by one

Li Zong, deputy general manager of XCMG group and general manager of XCMG excavator, had a cordial exchange with the interns

in XCMG excavation machinery business department, Li Zong, deputy general manager of XCMG group and general manager of XCMG excavator, told the interns about the development process and industry position of XCMG excavation machinery and mining machinery industry, and on the global industrial layout, high-end market breakthrough, product regional adaptability And the development of mining equipment industry. President Li said that mining machinery and mining machinery are among the top two industries in the scale of construction machinery in the world, and they are also the core pillar strategic industries that XCMG vigorously develops. At present, XCMG has established industrial bases in Brazil, Uzbekistan and other places, and its excavator and mining equipment products are exported to 108 countries and regions around the world. It has become one of the top five enterprises in the world, and China can develop and manufacture large-scale complete sets of open-pit mining equipment. In the future, XCMG excavator will continue to practice the gold standard and build a world brand. It is hoped that more international talents will join XCMG family and work together to create a better future

interns took a group photo in the fantastic "excavator forest"

sophisticated production equipment, automated and flexible production lines, lean manufacturing, high-end intelligent cranes and excavators... A magical journey of high-end products made the five interns deeply feel the high-end breakthrough power of heavy equipment in big countries, and they believed that a "world dream" about XCMG was sprouting and taking root in their hearts

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