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Third party logistics packaging: the development trend of world logistics packaging

third party logistics packaging, that is to entrust the logistics and packaging of products to special logistics packaging enterprises. This is one of the development trends of logistics packaging in the world today. It has become a wise move of product manufacturing enterprises. Some people say it is a revolution in logistics packaging. Enterprises engaged in third-party logistics packaging can provide optimized overall packaging solutions for product manufacturers. There are two names in English: one is integrated packagingsolution, or IPS for short; The second is complete packaging solution, referred to as CPS. This concept originated in the United States and is popular in developed countries. With the entry of foreign large-scale production enterprises into China, it has also begun to be favored by domestic visionary enterprises

under the new situation that manufacturing enterprises and commercial enterprises are facing increasingly fierce global competition, reducing logistics packaging costs has become the third source of profit for enterprises. Modern logistics system, with information technology as the core, integrates a variety of technologies including packaging technology, which has played a major role in the transformation of traditional industries, structural adjustment, process optimization and cost reduction, further reducing risks and improving service levels. Packaging design will directly affect the productivity of logistics activities. Without reasonable and scientific packaging and grouping and informatization of scattered goods, there will be no modern logistics system

according to the statistics of 2003, the total cost of social logistics in China is 2497.4 billion yuan, including 1402.8 billion yuan for transportation, 737.6 billion yuan for storage and 357 billion yuan for management, which is equivalent to 21.4% of GDP. The cost of liquid goods in developed countries such as the United States and Japan accounts for only about 10% of GDP. Therefore, China's logistics packaging cost saving space is quite large, a 1% reduction can produce a benefit of 25 billion yuan! If we can reach the advanced level of foreign countries, we can save 300billion yuan

the overall packaging solution contains a very rich connotation, which needs to consider all aspects

product manufacturers generally lack experienced technicians in logistics and packaging

first of all, non packaging professionals know little about the five steps of cushioning packaging design to protect products from impact or vibration in circulation. They don't know how to determine the unique circulation environmental conditions of enterprise products, or how to select four categories of environmental conditions and characteristics of products according to national or international standards: ① meteorological environmental conditions, including 10 parameters; ② Biochemical environmental conditions, including 3 parameters; ③ Mechanical (Mechanical) environmental conditions, including 6 parameters; ④ Electromagnetic environmental conditions, including 3 parameters. Domestic enterprises rarely understand the concept of product embrittlement value, and after knowing it, there are few conditions to determine the embrittlement value of various products of the enterprise. As for the selection of cushioning materials and cushioning structure design, most of them imitate the packaging of foreign products, lack independent intellectual property rights, and lack conditions and understanding of packaging tests

as for the design of packaging boxes, non packaging professionals will not calculate the scientific design of packaging boxes to prevent stacking and collapse; I don't know how to choose or design new technologies such as rust proof packaging and moisture-proof packaging; The overall optimization of the logistics packaging system. The specific situation is based on the company's after-sales service, which is basically not taken into account. I don't know how to solve the problem of reducing the logistics packaging cost; I don't know how to deal with how the packaging of export products should comply with the national packaging regulations. All these problems that perplex the product enterprises 7. To ensure that the equipment circuit has a good grounding state, the best solution is to leave them to professionals

according to the author's working experience in some foreign advanced enterprises in China, they have achieved zero inventory due to the implementation of third-party logistics packaging, and the logistics packaging cost has been greatly reduced, which has achieved much higher benefits than their local production. Recently, the packaging improvement made by the author for the products of a company in the United States has improved the cushioning packaging performance, which can prevent the possible damage of products in the circulation process, and the packaging weight has been reduced by 50 kg, which means that the logistics cost has been further reduced. The perfect packaging appearance improves the brand image of the enterprise. Recently, a large enterprise in Germany is also formulating an implementation plan for third-party logistics packaging, so that when the current plant and warehouse are very tight and unable to expand production, it can entrust logistics packaging to a logistics packaging enterprise with professional experience and strength, freeing up the existing plant and warehouse to focus on the production and development of core products. A large number of operators and managers who are currently engaged in logistics packaging can be transferred to the production and management of their own products, so as to complete a structural adjustment with less investment and great results

when implementing third-party logistics packaging, the entrusted enterprises must be carefully selected. First of all, it depends on whether it has an experienced professional team that can provide ISP or CPS services; Second, it depends on whether it has strong economic strength, can have sufficient inventory, absolutely ensure the timely supply of packaging, and will not cause the risk of delayed delivery; third, it depends on whether it has relatively complete logistics and packaging production or operation conditions, and has a rapid response mechanism; Fourth, it depends on whether it has a reliable supply chain; Finally, we need to assess its service quality and reputation

in a word, when the third-party logistics packaging enterprise provides the overall packaging solution service for the product production enterprise, it may significantly reduce the logistics packaging cost of the product production enterprise, but when confirming the shrinkage rate, it may optimize and shorten the enterprise's supply chain and reduce the management cost, it may realize the zero inventory of production, it may reduce the damage of products in the circulation process, and it may improve the utilization rate of pallets and containers, It is possible to make the appearance of the package more perfect, to reduce the burden of packaging materials on the environment and realize the commitment of green packaging, and to avoid the green packaging trade barriers set by foreign countries on our export products. Facing such attractive effects, far sighted enterprise managers have regarded third-party logistics packaging as a development strategy and vigorously promoted it. Therefore, we say that this is a wise move, and it is worth for qualified enterprises to keep up with the world development trend in time and turn the recognized logistics packaging, the third source of profit, into a reality for enterprises as soon as possible

third party logistics packaging has the following advantages:

1 The rich knowledge and experience of the logistics packaging experts of the third-party logistics packaging undertaker, and the perfect packaging processing and testing equipment may significantly reduce the overall packaging cost

2. The optimized packaging material supply chain of the third-party logistics packaging undertaker may reduce the procurement and management costs of packaging materials and completely eliminate procurement bribery

3. Third party logistics packaging undertakes the packaging production conditions of sound, which can shorten the cycle of product packaging design, test, proofing and production, and meet the needs of rapid changes in the market

4. The storage conditions of the third-party logistics packaging undertaker can ensure the reliable and timely supply of packaging products and save the storage cost of packaging products of production enterprises

5. The perfect packaging designed by the third-party logistics packaging undertaker can enhance the brand and environmental image of the product

6. Third party logistics packaging undertakers are familiar with international packaging laws and regulations, which is conducive to the export of enterprises' products and the breakthrough of green trade barriers in developed countries

7. Third party logistics packaging can reduce or even cancel the existing packaging design and development costs of enterprises

8. By adopting third-party logistics packaging, enterprises can concentrate their limited financial, material and human resources on their core business of product production and development, and shorten and optimize the supply chain

9. The third-party logistics packaging undertaker will be improved in the all-round service for the production enterprises, and share certain profits from cost savings

in a word, the implementation of third-party logistics packaging enables both product manufacturers and logistics packaging enterprises to benefit from it, which is a win-win mode in which you can click the "assignment" button on the toolbar of the curve window in curve analysis

PENG Guoxun, technical consultant of China Packaging Federation

Xu Shuhui, senior technical consultant of Wuxi Qiancheng Packaging Engineering Co., Ltd.

reprinted from: China Packaging News

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