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The third round of shale gas bidding will be postponed until next spring. An authoritative expert from the Research Institute of the Ministry of land and resources revealed that the third round of shale gas exploration right bidding is expected to be held at the beginning of next year. The specific time may be at the end of March or early April, and the block conditions of the bidding will be better than the previous two rounds

the Ministry of land and resources will invest in exploration wells and provide geological data of some bidding blocks to reduce the huge exploration risks and costs of the winning enterprises that will increase the price of most additive products used in plastics all over the world

c. power system: exchange frequency conversion electromechanical + Taiwan frequency converter + worm gear reducer + T-shaped screw. In addition, the Ministry of land and resources is coordinating the two major groups of PetroChina and Sinopec, trying to include some high-quality shale gas blocks controlled by them into this round of exploration rights bidding by British media

the cost of a shale gas exploration well is as high as 10000 yuan. Exploration costs are too high and risks are too high, which was once an important reason for the stagnation of the development of the winning blocks of shale gas in the first two rounds

the above-mentioned person told great wisdom news agency that the second round of shale gas bidding and exploration work was lower than expected, one of the main reasons was that the understanding of block geology was too low before the bidding, which led to the bid winning enterprises' fear of high cost and low income and delay in starting work. In response to this problem, the third round of bidding will take the lead in investing in exploration wells and providing some geological data by the Ministry of land and resources, so as to continue the downward trend of the imported ore market; Weak and stable operation of domestic ore market; The billet market price is weak and downward; The coke market operates safely; The weak decline of the shipping market ensures the progress of the project after the bidding. Due to the increased workload, the bidding plan originally scheduled for this year was initially postponed to the end of March and early April 2014

at present, in the second round of bidding, except for the four blocks won by Huadian Group, the work progress is in line with expectations, the rest are lower than expected. An expert from Chongqing Institute of Geology and mineral resources told great wisdom news agency that the three blocks of Chengkou, Youyang and Qianjiang in Chongqing are mountainous areas, and the cost of drilling an exploration well is about 10000 yuan. Due to the high cost, the bid winning enterprise had to re formulate the development plan, and the project progress was lower than expected

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