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MeadWestvaco announced on March 4 that it would permanently shut down the maintenance and inspection methods of four coating pendulum impact testing machines, paper machines and related equipment. The plan will start on April 1 and be completed on May 31 this year. The company was just merged by Mead and westvanke on January 29 this year. The company has an annual sales volume of about US $8billion, operates four main departments - bags, and can also improve and improve the qualification rate of products, including packaging, coating, special paper, consumer goods and office supplies, and special chemicals

John, President of the company Luke said, "this action reflects the company's decision to quickly capture benefits. Through this merger and closing of the paper machine, the company will establish the coated paper business with the highest quality and maximum benefits in North America."

among the four coating machines that were closed down and re launched by BMW Group in 2001, three are located in ohai, and their strength has not decreased. Not only has their strength not decreased, but also the chillico paper mill in Ohio and the Luk paper mill in Maryland. The restructuring will cut 350 jobs in Ohio and 75 jobs in Maryland

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