Bidding for antifouling flashover coating project

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Bidding for anti pollution flashover coating project of Guohua xilaifeng power plant

this bidding project is Guohua xilaifeng power plant's anti pollution flashover coating and auxiliary umbrella skirt installation project. The tenderee is Guohua xilaifeng power plant, and the funds are raised by the enterprise itself. The project has met the bidding conditions, and now the project is subject to domestic public bidding

1. Bidding No.: shil

2 Project Name: Guohua xilaifeng power plant painting anti pollution flashover paint and adding auxiliary umbrella skirt project

3 Bidding content: the external insulation of 220kV electrical equipment is sprayed with PRTV anti pollution flashover paint and installed with "anti pollution flashover auxiliary umbrella skirt"

4. Planned construction period: one year from the date of signing the contract

5. The bidder shall meet the following requirements for the materials of the plates formed by hot extrusion:

1) the bidder shall be an enterprise legal person established in accordance with the company law of the people's Republic of China, and shall have the power to enter into contracts independently, with a registered capital of not less than 5million yuan

2) the bidder must have the "license for installation (repair, test) of power facilities", and have more than 3 construction achievements in spraying RTV coating and bonding auxiliary umbrella skirt in recent three years

3) the bidder has good bank credit and business reputation, and is not in the state of being ordered to suspend business, property being taken over, frozen 2.0 settlement and bankruptcy. The tenderer has no safety accident certificate confirmed by the user and relevant departments in recent 3 years

4) consortium bidding is not accepted for this project

6. Source of funds: self raised by the enterprise

7. Selling time of bidding documents: from September 30, 2011 to October 11, 2011, 8:30 ~ 11:30 a.m. and 13:30 ~ 171 p.m.) teststar Exe control main program: 00 (Beijing time, except holidays)

8. Place of sale of bidding documents: Shenhua International Trade Co., Ltd

address: room 7038, intercontinental building, No. 16 ande Road, Andingmen, Dongcheng District, Beijing

when purchasing the bidding documents, please bring the letter of introduction or letter of authorization, business license (copy), license for installation (repair, test) of power facilities, and performance certification materials (contracts), all of which are originals. Please also prepare 1 set of copies for storage

9. Price of bidding documents: ¥ 530/set, non refundable after sale

10. Site survey: the bidder shall organize by itself and receive the drawings during site survey. The deposit of drawings and data is 500 yuan/set. The deposit will be returned after the drawings and data are returned with the deposit receipt at bid opening

contact: guozhiqiang


11 Bid deadline and bid opening time: 9:30 a.m. on October 20, 2011. (Beijing time)

12 Place of bid opening: conference room on the third floor of Wuhai Hotel, Wuhai City, Inner Mongolia

please submit the bid documents to the place of bid opening before the bid deadline on the day of bid opening. The bid documents submitted after the bid deadline will not be accepted. Please send a legal representative or its authorized representative to attend the bid opening ceremony

tenderee: Shenhua Wuhai Energy Co., Ltd.

address: xilaifeng Industrial Park, Hainan District, Wuhai City, Inner Mongolia (zip code: 016000)

Contact: guozhiqiang

: Fax:

bidding agency: Shenhua International Trade Co., Ltd.

address: Beijing (1) Selection of scale: the maximum load should be estimated before the experiment. Room 829, intercontinental building, No. 16 ande Road, Andingmen, Dongcheng District, Shanghai (zip code: 100011)

Bank of deposit: Bank of China Beijing Haidian Branch

account number:

Contact: Liu Jianzhong, Wang Jiansheng



September 30, 2011

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