The hottest viscose staple fiber market continued

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Viscose staple fiber market continued to decline

staple fiber and pulp market

staple fiber price remains to be discussed, the performance is still strong, Xinjiang long velvet maintained yuan/ton, some short velvet shipments slowed down slightly, and the price was yuan/ton

the quotation of cotton pulp factory is temporarily stable. At present, most of the early orders are completed, and the purchase intention of downstream new orders is not more than 6850 yuan/ton. The firm negotiation needs to be followed up

near the end of the month, there is no firm offer news for the quotation of outer disc dissolved pulp this month. After a long stalemate between the buyer and the seller, with the quotation of coniferous pulp falling sharply, pulp manufacturers talk about more concessions

viscose market

the price of viscose staple fiber continued to decline, and the focus of negotiation continued to weaken. The amount of negotiation between China and the United States was 12800 yuan/ton, with some higher transactions of 12900 yuan/ton and some slightly lower transactions of yuan/ton. The high-end retail negotiation is 13000 yuan/ton in the new material industry, slightly lower than the negotiation transaction of yuan/ton

the trading volume of viscose filament is relatively light, and the dealers' purchase enthusiasm is low in the off-season. They are cautious in purchasing and stocking, and most of them are based on collection. 120d price yuan/ton

Fujian cotton yarn continued its downward channel, and there were many operations to withdraw funds. Siro spinning body adopts a variety of mixed materials such as steel and aluminum. The price of 40s is yuan, and the price of 40s of compact Siro spinning is yuan/ton

relevant markets

polyester Market wait-and-see adjustment, the center of gravity of polyester staple fiber quotation has decreased, and the mainstream quotation of Jiangsu and Zhejiang 1.4d direct spinning polyester staple fiber is RMB/ton, leaving the factory, and the deal is negotiated

the number of customers in China's textile cities increased, with a total transaction of 5.81 million meters; Among them, 4.53 million meters of long silk cloth and 1.28 million meters of short fiber cloth; Including 340000 cotton pieces and 230000 man-made cotton pieces

Zheng Mian's main contract 1605 closed 11470, settled 11480, traded 198612 hands, and the position decreased by 26550 hands to 334504 hands

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