The bottle produced by the hottest new brand of PP

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The bottles produced with the new brand of PP will replace glass bottles

it is reported that in Asia, the Purell series of random copolymer polypropylene (PP) resin specially used for injection blow molding and extrusion blow molding has been developed, and the bottles produced with this brand of resin have passed the relevant requirements of China's national medical packaging standards

it is said that purellrp270 and rp271g can not only meet the requirements of local regulations, but also meet the requirements of customers for high performance, flexibility and container stability when the indenter is in contact with the tested sample. For this product, the main application field that customers are interested in is the production of intravenous injection bottles (type IV). This kind of bottle produced with Purell brand PP can replace the heavy and fragile glass bottle. The bottles produced are not only heat-resistant and chemical resistant, but also can withstand the sterilization and disinfection of hot pressing treatment up to 121 ℃

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