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Bottlenecks in the development of digital printing in China and business strategies

bottleneck analysis of the development of digital printing in China

although digital printing has many advantages, the current application of digital printing machines in China is not ideal. Although digital printing was promoted a few years ago, most of the digital printing equipment is still in the experimental and trial stage. So far, many digital printing machines have not been installed and used in large quantities. The main reasons are: immature technology, high price and imperfect market. At present, the bottleneck of the popularization and application of digital printing in the domestic offset printing field can be attributed to the following aspects:

1 The quality of various inks and papers in China is uneven, resulting in a wide range of printing costs and obvious differences. Under the condition that the economic income of consumers is not too high, some low-quality and cheap prints will still be welcomed. And factors such as low labor force also cause the low price of ordinary offset printing, which makes the advantages of digital printing in price and production cycle impossible to reflect

2. The special paper and ink supply mode of digital printing machine makes it impossible for digital printing to reduce the price, so it is difficult to adapt to the low price competition

3. As the most typical advantage of digital printing, the space of personalized printing has not been developed. The market of personalized printing not only requires printers to understand the characteristics of digital printing, but also requires enterprise market developers and designers to fully understand the many benefits that personalized printing may bring, and apply relevant design ideas and concepts to market development strategies. And even if the relevant personnel have this idea, the enterprise must have established a detailed customer database support system. In terms of the current situation in China, the concept and use methods of digital printing need to be further promoted, the management of enterprises and digital archives need to be further standardized and improved, and the awareness of enterprise service needs to be further enhanced, so as to promote the advantages of digital printing to be reflected

4. In short edition printing Digital printing needs to be better integrated with offset printing. The paper and ink of digital printing are very different from offset printing, and the business personnel who are used to the quality and price positioning of traditional printing methods, if they can find the corresponding relationship between offset printing and digital printing in terms of quality and price And better guide customers to conduct feasibility analysis will make it easier for customers to accept this new form of printing. Therefore, business personnel need to clarify their understanding and do a good job in publicity

5 China has a large population base The demand for printing t suitable for all kinds of printing materials is different from the requirements of European and American countries for information update speed and product quality. Therefore, the demand for real high-quality short edition printing has not formed a climate in China, resulting in a small space between the demand for traditional printing and short edition printing

6. Online processing and other highly automated operation modes Is the biggest feature of digital printing. However, the low production cost caused by domestic labor surplus does not have the conditions to stimulate the wide application of this technology

business strategy of digital printing

in the current situation of fierce competition and collaborative survival with traditional printing, how to operate to reduce the cost of digital printing and maximize profits is the focus of many digital printers. Digital printing and traditional printing are two different printing methods that compete fiercely and exist together in the printing market. As a complementary production process of traditional printing, they will not replace traditional printing in a short time

digital printing has brought infinite business opportunities to operators As an expert said, "digital printing is a commercial solution, not a production method". How to grasp this business opportunity to create considerable benefits

1.. Establish the market positioning of digital printing

accurate market positioning will undoubtedly stand out in the fierce market competition. In fact, there are only two possible ways of product competition: or based on cost Or based on the product characteristics recognized by consumers

technically, digital printing is characterized by a short plate making cycle time It can print short edition business more economically, and even flexibly "start printing on one sheet". This determines that its main market and development direction is "on-demand, short edition, personalized", including customized printing, personalized printing, variable data printing, instant printing, enterprise internal printing, and so on. This market has great potential and unlimited business opportunities. This is a new profit growth point of digital printing that is different from traditional printing, and it is also unsatisfied by traditional printing methods before. Enterprises should make full use of the unique advantages of digital printing, such as no edition, fast, flexible, personalized, reliable and variable Expand the business scope to enterprise CI manuals, posters, and real estate advertisements Books and periodicals Brochure business card. Pamphlet labels, packaging, postcards, catalogues, briefings, recipes, leaflets, hotel menus, passes, license plates, greeting cards, breast cards, invitations, direct mail advertising, anti-counterfeiting products and many other prints not only serve the traditional advertising, publishing, newspaper industry, but also expand to other industries such as financial contact, telecommunications, banking, real estate and so on: the use of advanced network functions to achieve remote printing in different places

from the perspective of digital printing service providers, in addition to considering the cost of investing in digital printing equipment, the price of consumables, the unique application direction of after-sales service of equipment, etc Also consider the concerns of its customers, such as the quality and price of digital printing Although the competition of digital printing is not as fierce as that of traditional printing, some providers have made a lot of money by adopting the price reduction strategy. Price reduction will only make profits thinner and thinner when more and more homogeneous products appear in the market We should think of brands with unique product characteristics So as to occupy the market where 5 computers (including uninterrupted power supply) and 1 Lenovo brand are likely to succeed. The market positioning of slag differentiation will have more profit margins for digital printing service providers. In addition to choosing digital equipment that can provide more value-added products for investment in digital equipment, differentiated positioning It is also very necessary to make use of the previously mentioned application direction of digital printing to provide personalized, customized, variable data, press printing, web services and other services with high added value, and combine the advantages of their own enterprises to make them more competitive in the market

in the highly competitive market economy environment, customer service is becoming the core of enterprise business system. All enterprises, including printing enterprises, must face and solve the problem of customizing personalized services for customers and meeting their unique requirements in many aspects. Customers require personalized printing, shorter printing cycle, higher quality and lower cost, all of which make the stage of digital printing wider and wider

2. Plan to invest in digital printing

enterprises must pay attention to several issues in order to get involved in the digital printing market. Such as cost, profitability, customer acceptance and market saturation. It is more important to choose the software and hardware solutions that are most suitable for your own situation. At this time, the technology and service capabilities of manufacturers providing digital equipment are very critical. When investing in digital printing, you should plan for your own investment. Because digital printing combines prepress printing and post press process, failure to master any of these links may affect the overall investment. Have a basic understanding of prepress computer equipment, desktop typesetting, film output and digital proofing; Have a deep understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of digital printing, and also understand their market positioning. When making investment budget We should also consider the expenses of technical support such as supporting equipment network system and application software and software update. More importantly, the coordination of personnel. If there is no corresponding talent at present, more factors need to be considered in hiring employees. How to choose the right talents and how to manage them is also an important topic. With the corresponding talents, how to cooperate with the digital process management method different from the traditional management to give full play to the talents' ability is also a reason to make their service life greatly reduced

in addition, when considering digital printing equipment We should not only pay attention to the performance and characteristics of the machine, but also pay attention to technical parameters such as the black-and-white or color resolution of different mechanical equipment, the maximum printing speed and maximum printing volume of the equipment, and the printing quality. Even with the highest quality equipment It does not mean that we can do the best digital printing, but also consider the additional services provided by different equipment suppliers

3. Opportunities and challenges brought by new technologies

investment in new technologies brings both opportunities and challenges. Therefore, if you want to succeed, you must understand what technology can meet the requirements of users and the market, maintain competitiveness and get the maximum return. The technical content of digital printing is relatively high Technical support is a strong guarantee. First, establish a strong technical team to ensure the normal operation of digital printing and improve the quality of digital printing. Technicians should not only master the operation and maintenance of equipment, but also be very familiar with printing technology and printing technology. Therefore, it is very important to train relevant departments and personnel, and this training should be extended to all relevant departments, Because digital workflow will inevitably improve the integrity and dependence between departments. In addition to the employees of the production department, the internal management and logistics departments should also understand how the new technology will affect their respective work. The marketing personnel of the company should clearly know that new technology will bring more benefits to customers And can open up new markets. Since many customers are familiar with the development of printing technology, marketers must be able to tell customers how to use each technology professionally. Secondly, we should ensure the technical assistance and support of equipment suppliers. Once there is a problem The supplier can solve it immediately The supplier shall also ensure the continuous upgrading of the equipment system to provide updated and better technical services at any time

4. Pay attention to the soft resources of enterprises - human resources and science and technology

human resources are undoubtedly very important for any enterprise, especially in today's rapidly changing science and technology. Employees with comprehensive capabilities are great wealth for enterprises, so there must be corresponding incentive mechanisms to train employees; The development of IT technology and network technology Make printing more and more automatic. From the printing technology trend displayed at drupa exhibition, standardization is a trend At present, the devices on the market generally conform to general standards, and our printing providers can pay attention to the computerized management of management process and business process integration, the effective management and use of dam and the network platform with open interface

5. Shortening product cycle

shortening product cycle is an important aspect of digital printing to obtain profits. The reason why Internet is attractive is that it is convenient to obtain and transmit information. Similarly, digital printers can also speed up the circulation of products through efforts. In printing, to ensure the rapid and smooth progress of the work, we should do a good job in two aspects: ① the production process includes printing and its auxiliary parts, which is also a process that printers generally pay attention to for the upgrading of industrial structure; ② the importance of business process is not lower than that of production process. If this part is not well managed, the overall efficiency of production process will not be improved no matter how good it is. Compared with the traditional printing in which tombs are printed in long plates Digital printing has entered the era of short edition, and it is particularly critical to grasp the business process

6. Provide customers with satisfactory service

as customers, they want to print

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