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The boss of a paint processing factory privately printed packaging bags of well-known paint and put putty powder produced by his own manufacturer into them for sale in order to expand sales. Recently, the people's Court of Nandan county sentenced the defendant Tan Mou to three years' imprisonment, suspended for four years and fined 180000 yuan for the crime of counterfeiting registered trademarks

the defendant Tan could achieve better color effect on February 1st, 2012. On the 5th, he applied to Nandan county administration for Industry and Commerce for a business license for individual businesses, and his business scope was putty powder and coating processing (Sales). In order to expand sales, Tan printed his packaging bag without authorization and consent of the owner of the registered trademarks of "Jiabaoli" and "Nippon", and arranged workers to put putty powder into the packaging bag, posing as "Jiabaoli" and "Nippon" brand products, and selling them to Guizhou and Hechi. At the time of the crime, the total amount of illegal business of a fake registered trademark was 359000 yuan

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after hearing, the court held that after Tan was brought to justice, if he could truthfully confess his criminal facts, he could be given a lighter punishment according to law; It voluntarily withdrew from 5hrh 20000 yuan of stolen money and a fine of 100000 yuan can be given a lighter punishment as appropriate for professional visitors; He has been sentenced for larceny and can be severely punished as appropriate. In conclusion, the court made the above judgment

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