The boss who is the hottest to collect waste paper

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The boss of waste paper collection is careful, and there are cement cartons that appear more concealed

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core tip: [China Packaging News] when the cost of waste paper raw materials remains high and the finished paper rises, there are wholesalers who keep plastic baskets and foam boxes with an average of twoorthree yuan each, Choose

[China Packaging News] in the case of the high cost of waste paper raw materials and the rising tide of finished paper, there are also wholesalers who keep an average of twoorthree yuan a plastic basket and foam boxes to avoid causing big trouble. Instead, choose boxes with a wholesale price of about four yuan

originally, these cartons were mixed with cement, but different from the past, the method of adding cement is more hidden. From the appearance, there is no trace of adulteration in this purchase capacity. Such cartons not only harm consumers, but also are not conducive to the recycling of waste paper. The a/d is quickly converted into digital signals and sent to the computer for data processing. Today, with the increasingly high quality requirements of waste paper, China's material science and technology industry started late, and this kind of carton can be a headache

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